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Whatman Filter Paper – Grade 50 Circles (Whatman Grade 50)

Whatman Filter Paper – Grade 50 Circles (Whatman Grade 50)

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Particularly suitable for Büchner filtrations where it is desirable to recover the precipitate from the filter surface after filtration.

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  • The maximum ash content of these grades is intermediate between ash-less and qualitative grades.
  • Other characteristics include high wet strength and chemical resistance which are similar to the acid hardened ash-less filter papers.

Grade 50 (2.7 µm):

  • Retention of very fine crystalline precipitates.
  • The thinnest of all Whatman filter papers.
  • Slow flow rate. Hardened and highly glazed surface.
  • This finish also keeps the paper free from loose surface fibres.
  • Highly suitable for qualitative or quantitative filtrations requiring vacuum assistance on Büchner or 3-piece filter funnels.
  • Very strong when wet.
  • Will withstand wet handling and precipitate removal by scraping.
  • In the electronics industry, the virtual absence of fibre shedding is utilized in carriers for integrated circuits.
  • This grade is also available in Smear Tab format for wipe testing (e.g., testing of surfaces for radionuclide contamination).

Available in the following Sizes:

  • 55mm (100 P/Box)
  • 70mm (100 P/Box)
  • 90mm (100 P/Box)
  • 110mm (100 P/Box)
  • 125mm (100 P/Box)
  • 150mm (100 P/Box)
  • 185mm (100 P/Box)
  • 240mm (100 P/Box)
  • 320mm (100 P/Box)

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