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Whatman Filter Paper – Grade 4 Circles (Whatmans Grade 4)

Whatman Filter Paper – Grade 4 Circles (Whatmans Grade 4)


These cellulose filters are used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials.

Code Whatmans Grade 4
  • Pre-pleated qualitative filters are also available, which give improved flow rate and increased loading capacity compared to equivalent flat filters.

Grade 4 (20-25 µm)

  • Extremely fast filtering with excellent retention of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates such as ferric hydroxide and aluminium hydroxide.
  • Very useful as a rapid filter for routine clean-up of biological fluids or organic extracts during analysis.
  • Used when high flow rates in air pollution monitoring are required and the collection of fine particles is not critical.

Available in the following Sizes:

  • 5mm (100 P/Box)
  • 55mm (100 P/Box)
  • 70mm (100 P/Box)
  • 90mm (100 P/Box)
  • 110mm (100 P/Box)
  • 125mm (100 P/Box)
  • 150mm (100 P/Box)
  • 185mm (100 P/Box)
  • 240mm (100 P/Box)
  • 270mm (100 P/Box)
  • 320mm (100 P/Box)

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