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Whatman Filter Paper – Grade 3 Circles (Whatmans Grade 3)

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These cellulose filters are used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials.

CodeWhatmans Grade 3
  • Pre-pleated qualitative filters are also available, which give improved flow rate and increased loading capacity compared to equivalent flat filters.

Grade 3 (6 µm):

  • Double the thickness of Grade 1 with still finer particle retention and excellent loading capacity; more precipitate can be held without clogging.
  • The extra thickness gives increased wet strength and makes this grade highly suitable for use in Büchner funnels.
  • The high absorbency is particularly valuable when the paper is used as a sample carrier.
  • This filter is also available in the Filter Cup.
  • This is a convenient, disposable 70 mm filter funnel with a 250 ml capacity moulded from polypropylene with an integral, heat bonded filter.

Available in the following Sizes:

  • 55mm (100 P/Box)
  • 70mm (100 P/Box)
  • 90mm (100 P/Box)
  • 110mm (100 P/Box)
  • 125mm (100 P/Box)
  • 150mm (100 P/Box)
  • 185mm (100 P/Box)
  • 240mm (100 P/Box)

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