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Water Baths (UTGE-4000)

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UTGE-4000Water Bath 15 lt. Capacity
UTGE-4005Water Bath 24 lt. Capacity
UTGE-4010Water Bath 48 lt. Capacity
UTGE-4050Water Bath 15 lt. Capacity with Cooler Unit
UTGE-4055Water Bath 24 lt. Capacity with Cooler Unit
UTGE-4060Water Bath 48 lt. Capacity with Cooler Unit
UTGE-4110Cooler/Circulator Unit


  • UTGE Series Water Baths are used in various material testing analyses.
  • 15, 24 and 48 lt. tank capacity models are available and can be ordered with or without cooler units.
  • Some standards require conditioning temperatures from 25 to 60 °C.
  • For example, The EN 12697-23 covering the determination of the strength of bituminous mixtures, prescribe a water conditioning temperature of 5°C or from 5 to 25°C which are obtainable with a cooling system.
  • Water bath are used for asphalt (Marshall, bitumen testing), cement (curing on conditioning) applications.
  • Internal surfaces are polished stainless steel with a sheet steel insulated outer case.
  • The cooler unit is located under the water bath. Complete with re-circulating unit for temperature uniformity.
  • UTGE-4110 Cooler / Circulator Unit has a temperature range from 4°C to ambient temperature (±0.5°C).
Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1ph.UTGE-4000UTGE-4005UTGE-4010UTGE-4050UTGE-4055UTGE-4060UTGE-4110
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph.UTGE-4000-NUTGE-4005-NUTGE-4010-NUTGE-4050-NUTGE-4055-NUTGE-4060-NUTGE-4110-N
Product CodeInternal DimensionsExternal DimensionsWeight (approx.)Specifications
UTGE-4000320x300x170 mm520x370x325 mm14 kgfor ambient to +90°C, Temperature distribution 40°C± 1°C
UTGE-4005505x300x170 mm690x370x325 mm17 kg
UTGE-4010625x505x170 mm820x580x325 mm24 kg
UTGE-4050320x300x170 mm600x420x625mm25 kg+5°C to +70°C, Temperature distribution 20°C± 0,5°C
UTGE-4055505x300x170 mm780x420x625 mm35 kg
UTGE-4060625x505x170 mm900x620x650 mm45 kg
UTGE-4110800x700x600 mm85 kg350W±0,5°C (4°C to ambient temperature)

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