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Diesel engine self-contained hydraulic driven coring trailer

Code LMH072

Core drills are not included and must be purchased separately

  • Trailers are self-contained units carrying their own water supply, hydraulic reservoir, electrical system, water pump & and in-built cooling system.
  • The Vulcan is supplied with a manually operated drill stand that is securely mounted to the trailer chassis but which can be de-mounted if necessary, to provide for off-trailer in areas of restricted access.
  • Trailers are supplied for core sizes of up to 350mm in diameter but can, if required, drill up to 450mm diameter by the fitment of suitable spacer blocks to the hydraulic motor mounting.

De-mountable Drill Stand

  • Vulcan trailers are supplied with a hand feed drill stand for normal on-board operation.
  • However, the drill stand can be de-mounted for use ‘off-trailer’ When de-mounted the stand is complete with its own water swivel, hydraulic motor and coolant control valve.

Stabilizer Legs

Vulcan trailers are supplied with manually operated rear stabilizer legs, as it is essential to ensure the trailer is secure, rigid and level during operation.

  • Self-contained hydraulic driven machine
  • Hatz 7.5 kW (10.0 HP) Air Cooled Diesel engine
  • Demountable drill-stand for off-trailer use
  • Increased performance & extended core bit life
  • Power take-off for all EHTMA hydraulic tools
  • PTO flow 30 l/min or 40 l/min @ 140 bar
  • Manually operated drill feed mechanism
  • Additional stabiliser legs

Technical specifications

Engine: Hatz 7.5 kW (10.0 HP) Air Cooled Diesel engine
Drill Capacity: Standard 50mm to 300mm diameter (2” to 12”)

Spacer up to 450mm diameter (17.7”)

Drill mast: Standard single stroke up to 700mm (27.6”)
Drill Stand: De-mountable drill stand for off-trailer drilling applications.
Water tank: 200 litres capacity (52 US Gallons)
Water pump: 12V DC driven on-board switched pump
Fuel Tank: 27+ Litres – Sufficient for 10 hours of normal working
Hydraulic reservoir: 70 litres capacity (18 US Gallons)
Hydraulic outputs: (13.5 kW) 22 – 40 litres /min @ 140 bar (6 – 11 US Gallons/min @ 2030 psi)

(20.0 kW) 22 – 40 litres /min @ 200 bar (6 – 11 US Gallons/min @ 2900 psi)

Tyres: 175 R 14C
Suspension: Torsion bar to EEC Specification
Tow Hitch: 50mm ( 75Kg Nose Weight – Fully Laden)
Brakes: Over-run & gas assisted hand brake
Length-Width-Height 3300mm (130”) x 1750mm (69”) x 2100mm (83”)
Weight: Unladen – 960 Kg (2,110 lbs) Laden – 1500 Kg (3,300 lbs)

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