Vibratory Compaction (UTS-0664-T)

Vibratory Compaction (UTS-0664-T)

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Compacted Road Base and Subbase Soils

Code UTS-0660
Standards EN 13286-4; BS 1377:4 / EN 12697-9, 12697-10, 12697-32

Product Codes:

UTS-0664-T Vibratory Hammer for Compaction of Soil and Bituminous Mixtures, 220-240V, 50 Hz, 1ph.
UTS-0665 Supporting Frame for Vibratory Hammer
UTS-0666 Large Tamping Foot, Ø146 mm
UTS-0667 Small Tamping Foot, Ø102 mm
UTS-0668 Shank for UTS-0664
UTS-0610B.E CBR Type Mould BS (modified proctor) / Vibrating Hammer Mould EN
UTS-0611B.E C Spanner for UTS-0610B.E, 2 pcs
UTS-0612B.E Assembly Tool for Base Plate for UTS-0610B.E
  • The UTS-0664 Vibratory compaction apparatus are used for preparing the test specimens of road base and sub base materials and bituminous mixtures.
  • Supporting frame for vibratory hammer (UTS-0665), Shank (UTS-0668), Ø146mm large tamping foot (UTS-0666) and/or Ø102 mm small tamping foot (UTS-0667) should be ordered separately when ordering the vibratory hammer.
  • Also, UTS-0610B.E mould should be ordered separately and also when ordering this mould, UTS-0611B.E and UTS-0612B.E should be ordered separately for assembling and dissembling.
Dimensions 510x300x1120 mm
Weight (approx.) 75 kg (complete set)
Impact Rate 3000-1500
Power 1150W (vibrating hammer)

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