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10 litre capacity, with valve and gauge

Code LBM706
Other Standards EN12697-5
Weight (kg) 8
Tariff 902480 90
Vacuum Pump not included to EN 12697-5 – EN 13108 – ASTM D2041 – AASHTO T209 – AASHTO T283
  • Manufactured from transparent plexiglass, complete with valve and gauge, this is used for a rapid determination of asphalt content, bulk specific gravity of aggregates, the maximum theoretical specific gravity of bituminous uncompacted road mixtures and the percentage air voids in compacted mixtures.
  • To perform the test a minimum ultimate vacuum of 30 mm/Hg is required.
  • Dimensions: 300mm diameter x 450mm high
  • Weight: 8 kg approx.

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