Three Gang Prism Shrinkage Moulds (UTA-0850E)

Three Gang Prism Shrinkage Moulds (UTA-0850E)

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Thermal and Weathering Properties

Code UTA-0850E
Standards EN1367-4, UNI8520-22

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UTA-0850E Three Gang Prism Shrinkage Mould 50x50x200 mm
UTA-0851E Spare Steel Inserts for UTA-0850, 12 pcs.
UTA-0856E Reference Rod, 205 mm Long with 6mm Tips
UTA-0858 Reference Rod, 205 mm Long with 8mm Tips


  • The Three Gang Shrinkage Mould is used for the determination of the effect of aggregates on the drying, shrinkage and length change of hardened concrete when used together with the UTEST Length Comparators (UTCM-0200, UTCM-0210 or UTC-1170).
  • The mould is matchmarked and protected with anti-corrosion oil.
  • Reference rod and spare steel inserts should be ordered separately.
  • Shrinkage Mould is supplied complied with the steel inserts screwed on.
Dimensions 330x220x70 mm
Weight (approx.) 15 kg

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