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Temperature & Time Measurement (UTGT-1430)

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Product Codes:

UTGT-1430Viscosity Thermometer +19 to +27°C 0.1°C Div., ASTM 17C
UTGT-1432Viscosity Thermometer +34 to +42°C 0.1°C Div., ASTM 18C
UTGT-1434Viscosity Thermometer +49 to +57°C 0.1°C Div., ASTM 19C
UTGT-1436Viscosity Thermometer +57 to +65°C 0.1°C Div., ASTM 20C
UTGT-1438Viscosity Thermometer +79 to +87°C 0.1°C Div., ASTM 21C
UTGT-1440Viscosity Thermometer +95 to +103°C 0.1°C Div., ASTM 22C
UTGT-1500Mechanical Hygrometer/Thermometer/Barometer
UTGT-1520Mechanical Hygrometer
UTGT-1550Mechanical Dial Thermometer 0 to +260°C
UTGT-1580Digital Stop Watch


  • UTEST Viscosity Thermometers are used for UTAS-0300 Saybolt Two-Tube Digital Viscometer in order to determine the Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures where accurate temperature measurements are required.
  • UTGT-1500 Mechanical Hygrometer/Thermometer/Barometer is a reliable and useful instrument to monitor the humidity, temperature and the atmospheric pressure simultaneously.
  • UTGT-1520 Mechanical Hygrometer is reliable instrument for measuring the humidity of the ambient air and UTGT- 1550 Mechanical Dial Thermometer provides accurate temperature measurements especially at high temperatures up to 260°C.
  • UTGT-1580 Digital Stop Watch is designed for accurate time measurements with 0.01 second sensitivity.
Product CodeDescriptionASTM Ref.IP Ref.DimensionsWeight
UTGT-1430Viscosity Thermometer +19 to +27°C 0.1°C Div.17 C30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-1432Viscosity Thermometer +34 to +42°C 0.1°C Div.18 C23 C30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-1434Viscosity Thermometer +49 to +57°C 0.1°C Div.19 C30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-1436Viscosity Thermometer +57 to +65°C 0.1°C Div.20 C30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-1438Viscosity Thermometer +79 to +87°C 0.1°C Div.21 C30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-1440Viscosity Thermometer +95 to +103°C 0.1°C Div.22 C23 C30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-1500Mechanical Hygrometer/Thermometer/Barometer150x150x150 mm0.2 kg
UTGT-1520Mechanical Hygrometer150x150x150 mm0.2 kg
UTGT-1550Mechanical Dial Thermometer 0 to +260°C50x50x200 mm0.2 kg
UTGT-1580Digital Stop Watch75x65x25 mm0.1 kg

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