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Temperature Measurement (UTGT-1205)

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Product Codes:

UTGT-1205Digital Thermometer Immersion Type -50°C to +300°C
UTGT-1230Digital Max-Min Thermometer -40 to +50°C
UTGT-1240Digital Thermo-Hygrometer, Max-Min Thermometer
UTGT-1250Digital Laser Thermometer -50°C to +650°C
UTGT-1300Glass Thermometer Max. 60°C
UTGT-1305Glass Thermometer Max. 110°C
UTGT-1310Glass Thermometer Max. 160°C
UTGT-1315Glass Thermometer Max. 250°C
UTGT-1320Glass Thermometer Max. 310°C
UTGT-1325Glass Thermometer Max. 360°C
UTGT-1330Glass Thermometer Max. 400°C
UTGT-1350Hand Type Digital Thermometer, -50°C to 1350°C
UTGT-1352Temperature Datalogger, 4 Channel Digital Display
UTGT-1355Connector, Type: OMTS-K-E for UTGT-1350
UTGT-1360Cable, Type: E-0,5 T2KTTEA. Meter for UTGT-1350
UTGT-1370200 mm Penetration Probe for Asphalt Temperature Measurement
UTGT-1371300 mm Penetration Probe for Asphalt Temperature Measurement
UTGT-1372500 mm Penetration Probe for Asphalt Temperature Measurement


  • UTEST supplies high quality digital and glass thermometers for various applications in the construction industry.
  • UTGT-1350, UTGT-1352, UTGT-1355 ve UTGT-1360 are used for monitoring of temperature development of mass concrete.
  • The number of measurement points for connectors and the cable length needed for each measurement point should be indicated.
  • The products should be ordered separately.
  • UTGT-1352 4 Channel Digital Display Temperature Datalogger is an alternative to UTGT-1350 and can record continuously in the time interval selected by the user.
  • The datalogger has -195˚C to +1000˚C temp. measurement range for K Type sensors, 1s – 24h data record range and 2 million data recording capacity.
  • Battery operated data logger is supplied complete with accessories such as cable for connecting to PC, software, SD card (for collecting the measurement).
  • Digital thermometer and penetration probes are used together for measuring the delivery and compaction temperatures of bituminous mixtures.
  • Preferred penetration probe should be ordered with UTGT- 1350.
Product CodeDimensionsWeight (approx.)Product CodeDimensionsWeight (approx.)
UTGT-1205150x150x150 mm0.2 kgUTGT-132530x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-1230150x150x150 mm0.2 kgUTGT-133030x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-1240150x150x150 mm0.2 kgUTGT-1350150x80x40 mm0.3 kg
UTGT-1250100x100x100 mm0.2 kgUTGT-1352150x80x40 mm0.3 kg
UTGT-130030x30x300 mm0.1 kgUTGT-135520x10x5 mm0.01 kg
UTGT-130530x30x300 mm0.1 kgUTGT-1360100x100x5 mm0.01 kg
UTGT-131030x30x300 mm0.1 kgUTGT-1370350x50x30 mm0.5 kg
UTGT-131530x30x300 mm0.1 kgUTGT-1371400x50x30 mm0.5 kg
UTGT-132030x30x300 mm0.1 kgUTGT-1372650x50x30 mm0.6 kg

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.


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