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For temperature match curing

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  • When used with an Intellirock II Logger Reader Kit (LCN875) and temperature loggers, this system is for monitoring the curing of concrete structures by replicating the real-time, in-place conditions that exist on site.

The features and benefits listed below refer to the system as a whole, with the Intellirock reader and loggers. These are available separately.

  • The specialised sensor transmits the actual temperature conditions of your pour to the intelliCure Match curing box, which matches the water temperature conditions precisely so your breaks will accurately represent what’s happening with your in-place concrete.


  • Embedded Sensors monitor placement temperatures
  • Bubble Plume technology ensures even curing
  • Uniform, accurate temperature distribution to meet precise curing specifications
  • Auto Cure and Match Cure modes
  • Elapsed time display
  • Tracks High/Low temperature from reset
  • Adjustable temperature control between 1° C – 74° C (34° to 165° F)

    displays in either °C or °F


  • Monitor and match internal concrete temperatures during the curing process
  • Cures cubes and cylinders in water heated and cooled as needed to match placement temperatures
  • Cures multiple cubes or cylinders that match the constantly changing temperatures of your placement so your test samples accurately match the maturity of your in-place concrete at any time during the curing process
  • Actively stirs the water using patent-pending Bubble Plume technology to eliminate temperature stratification and provide reliable results
  • Automatic shut-off switch prevents low water level operation
  • Easy maintenance and simple heating element replacement
  • Tough stainless-steel rack allows efficient water circulation
  • Accurately matches rising temperatures during hydration, and adjusts to match falling temperatures during cool-down
  • Temperature adjustments monitored and updated every 3 minutes from concrete placement input
  • Rugged YETI Box construction with “solid pin hinge” design for long term performance
  • Multiple YETI Box sizes to meet various quantity and volume requirements

    small, medium and large

  • Meets AASHTO T-23 and ASTM C 31 field curing environment requirements



Tank Internal Dimensions 910mm x 330mm x 380mm
Tank External Dimensions 1499mm x 508mm x 533mm
Shipping Weight

(tank and controller only)

Power 110V 60Hz 15A
Heater 1500W
Modes Match Cure or Auto Cure
Match Cure Displays In-place temperature

Water temperature

Hi/Low temperature

Auto Cure Displays

Only available when using with Intellirock Loggers

Set temperature

In-place temperature

Water temperature

Hi/Low temperature

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