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Complete with Intellirock II Logger Reader Kit (does not include loggers)

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Image shows logger in the kit but these are not supplied as part of the Reader Kit and must be purchased separately
  • For monitoring the curing of concrete structures by replicating the real-time, in-place conditions that exist on site.
  • The specialised sensor transmits the actual temperature conditions of your pour to the intelliCure Match curing box, which matches the water temperature conditions precisely so your breaks will accurately represent what’s happening with your in-place concrete.
Supplied complete with Intellirock II Logger Reader Kit (details below), does not include loggers


  • Embedded Sensors monitor placement temperatures
  • Bubble Plume technology ensures even curing
  • Uniform, accurate temperature distribution to meet precise curing specifications
  • Auto Cure and Match Cure modes
  • Elapsed time display
  • Tracks High/Low temperature from reset
  • Adjustable temperature control between 1° C – 74° C (34° to 165° F) displays in either °C or °F


  • Monitor and match internal concrete temperatures during the curing process
  • Cures cubes and cylinders in water heated and cooled as needed to match placement temperatures
  • Cures multiple cubes or cylinders that match the constantly changing temperatures of your placement so your test samples accurately match the maturity of your in-place concrete at any time during the curing process
  • Actively stirs the water using patent-pending Bubble Plume technology to eliminate temperature stratification and provide reliable results
  • Automatic shut-off switch prevents low water level operation
  • Easy maintenance and simple heating element replacement
  • Tough stainless-steel rack allows efficient water circulation
  • Accurately matches rising temperatures during hydration, and adjusts to match falling temperatures during cool-down
  • Temperature adjustments monitored and updated every 3 minutes from concrete placement input
  • Rugged YETI Box construction with “solid pin hinge” design for long term performance
  • Multiple YETI Box sizes to meet various quantity and volume requirements small, medium and large
  • Meets AASHTO T-23 and ASTM C 31 field curing environment requirements


Tank Internal Dimensions 1430mm x 430mm x 480mm
Tank External Dimensions 2007mm x 610mm x 610mm
Shipping Weight

(tank and controller only)

Power 110V 60Hz 15A
Heater 1500W
Modes Match Cure or Auto Cure
Match Cure Displays In-place temperature

Water temperature

Hi/Low temperature

Auto Cure Displays Set temperature

In-place temperature

Water temperature

Hi/Low temperature

  •  Complete with Intellirock II Logger Reader Kit, does not include loggers
  • The IntelliRock Concrete Maturity System uses the latest technology to overcome the problems associated with traditional concrete maturity meters.
  • Rather than using thermocouples, the system utilises individual loggers, which consist of high precision temperature sensors with embedded microprocessors.

The system does not require temperature calibration and allows the sensors to perform independently, without permanent connection to external devices, enabling one hand held reader to control and access multiple sensors in-situ.

The system can function either as maturity meter or a temperature profiling system depending on the logger used.


  • Each handheld reader can hold up to 200 sets of logger data.
  • The data can be transferred to a PC for analysis and storage.

Data Transfer:

  • Logger data is downloaded to the reader.
  • This is then downloaded to a PC. From this data files can then be generated and exported to Excel or other spreadsheet or word-processing software.
  • Secure files are also generated to facilitate secure documentation and distribution of the data.
  • This process reduces the need for independent data verification since 1) each logger is permanently mounted in the structure 2) each logger is uniquely serial numbered and 3) data is transferred from the logger to the end user securely, without manual data transcription or manipulation.


  • Functions as a maturity meter or temperature profiling system depending on the logger used
  • Loggers embedded in and protected by concrete structure and can operate unattended for months
  • Reader displays real-time maturity readings, accumulated maturity and temperature data history, and maximum and minimum temperatures
  • Connect/disconnect reader at any time without disrupting the logging process
  • One reader can operate any number of loggers, stores up to 200 logger data sets
  • More accurate than cube and cylinder testing.
  • Provides real-time measurements of the placed concrete any time during a project.
  • Intelligence is housed directly in the embedded logger, keeping it safe from accidents and vandalism.
  • Job site ID and placement notes stored with sensor data, simplifies organization and processing of data, particularly from sites where large numbers of sensors are in use. Data is permanent and traceable.
  • Real-time clock time stamps critical construction activities.
  • Data-lock function within loggers prevents tampering.
  • Sensor data is hard-coded in situ and encrypted, assuring that data is unalterable.
  • Nurse-Saul and Arrhenius maturity techniques to match to any specification.
  • Patent pending “Improved Arrhenius” maturity technique – accurate yet conservative over all temperature ranges.
  • Reports temperature data in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Accelerate concrete operations
  • Extends the construction calendar in cooler weather.

Quality Control:

  • Early validation of batching consistency.

Quality Assurance:

Documents early strength and temperature information for:

  • Form stripping
  • Shoring and reshoring
  • Post-tensioning
  • Loading structures
  • Saw cutting
  • Picking tilt-up panels
  • Traffic opening
  • Harvesting pre-cast members
  • Data for determining the amount of thermal protection is needed in cold weather
  • Documenting mass concrete temperature gradients


  • The kit comprises of the Intellirock reader with software, download cable, instruction manual, wrist strap and hard sided carrying case.
  • This kit kit can be used with either maturity or temperature loggers.
  • These must be purchased separately.
  • Temperature loggers are required for use with the Temperature Match Curing Kit.

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