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Technotrate is a digital burette ideal for exact titrations directly from bottles, both in the laboratory and in the field.

  • Developed in compliance with EN ISO 9001, it is EC certified.
  • It has a plastic body and a large liquid crystal display also for continuous display of the dispensed volume.
  • It adequately allows dosage volumes of up to 50 ml with 0.01 ml increases to be covered and the dosage velocity can be selected from fast mode to drop-by-drop mode.
  • Simple calibration Permanent calibration refers to water at +20°C. In any case, when using liquids with a different viscosity/density, Technotrate can easily and quickly be recalibrated by pressing the dedicated button.
  • Practical and quick preselection of the titration volumes Titration volume preselection is made particularly simple by pressing only the dedicated “DOS” button, looking at the display, and with just a few turns of the handle the burette cylinder is filled.
  • The special memory button (“MEM”) helps you avoid complex calculations.
  • Easy and safe by turning 180°, the delivery tip makes all the liquid in the discharge tube flows inside the bottle and prevents the spilling of inappropriate liquids.
  • The components that come into contact with the reagents are made of high resistance plastic.
  • Technotrate is tested one by one at the end of production, has quality certification and an individual serial number.
  • It is supplied in series with A25, A28, A32/45 and S45 threaded adaptors and PTFE aspiration, discharge and recirculation tubes.


  • auto-off function after 3 minutes of non-use
  • use temperature from +10°C to +40°C
  • transport and storage no warmer than +60°C
  • rechargeable battery: the intermittent indicator inside the display informs of the need for recharge without jeopardising the titration in progress
  • precision mechanism for simple filling and elimination of air without reagent loss problems
  • dispensing without bubbles forming
  • battery charger: 100-240V/ 50-60Hz
CodeMod.Cap.mlIncr. mlPrecision ≤ +/- %CV ≤ +/- %
LPW83250Technotrate0- 500.010.20.1

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