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Time and Frequency Domain System

Code LCN645
Other Standards ASTM D5882
Tariff 902480 90
  • The TDR2 is a rugged and lightweight self-contained pile integrity testing system. It is used for checking the integrity of concrete piled foundations
  • The TDR2 unit uses solid state memory and is built for security of data and speed of operation.
  • Housed in a tough ABS plastic case and using high quality waterproof connectors, the system can be used in inclement weather conditions.
  • A handy carry pouch is supplied as standard.
  • The user-friendly menu system guides the operator rapidly and displays data in an easy to comprehend format.
  • The TFT screen is clearly visible in bright daylight, but is also provided with a backlight for night operations if required.
  • Data is transferred to the windows based TPAP analysis software though a USB interface.
  • This versatile system can be used to test precast concrete, cast in place concrete and timber piles of most dimensions.
  • Typical anomalies that may be located include shaft restraints, Overbreak, Cracks, Reductions
  • in section and zones of poor-quality concrete.
  • The site unit can measure pile length and stiffness.
  • Also, by virtue of the force measurement, mobility is measured and can be used to assess concrete quality and pile section.


  • 200+ piles can be tested per day
  • Handheld, weighs less than 2Kg
  • Storage for over 700 results
  • On site analysis of pile length, section and stiffness
  • Backlight LCD screen for working in dark environments
  • Simulation software for analysis of pile and soil properties
  • Impedance log for measuring changes in pile properties
  • Instrumented Force hammer
  • Operates > 8hrs on full charge
  • Compliant with ASTM D5882


  • The TPAP analysis software is supplied as standard. This can tabulate the data and present all response curves for reporting.
  • The Simulation module is used to produce a theoretical curve using a pile soil model.
  • This can be compared directly with real results to aid analysis.
  • An Impedance Log can also be presented for each result.
  • This is useful for analysing more complex results, impedance being a function of pile section and proper ties, plotted against depth for an easily understood interpretation.
Acquisition: 2 channels, 16 bit acquisition at 25Khz sample rate. Pre-trigger on both channels and auto ranging gain feature.
Frequency Range: 0 Hz to 5000Hz
Storage: 700+ results, including 3 data sets per pile with full header information-site, pile no, diameter, operator, transducers and date/time stamp.
Velocity-Time: Output from geophone in time domain. Used for length calculation.
Force-Time: Used to check the force duration and peak
Force-Frequency: To check force spectrum and validity
Mobility-Frequency: Mobility or impulse response curve is displayed. Length and pile stiffness calculations can be made using

cursors. Theoretical mobility

Impulse Hammer: 1.2Kg fibre glass shafted hammer, with built in constant current load cell. Fitted with black plastic tips suitable up to 1500Hz range. Harder tips are available.
Geophone: Vertical Sensor geophone, type SM‐6, with natural frequency of 4.5Hz. Nominal output 30 volts/m/sec
Calibration: both transducers supplied are calibrated, using reference equipment traceable to UK national standards (UKAS). Recommended re-calibration interval is 1 year.
Keypad: Sealed colour coded and full alphanumeric keypad, tactile and audio feedback
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 Deg C
Size: L 218 x W 187 x D 55mm
Weight: 1.35Kg
Display: Monochrome LCD Transflective with backlight. Contrast keypad adjustable. Display area 122x70mm. Protective anti-reflective glass.
Backlight: Backlit display with auto-off or user defined delay.
Frequency: 0‐1000Hz, ±0.5%, Black tip
Mobility: 20‐800Hz, ±15%
Mobility: 800‐1000Hz, ±50%
Battery: 1.2V NiMH rechargeable “AA” cells
Battery Life: 8hrs+ operation on full charge with Battery Indicator
Battery Charge Time: Approx. 6Hrs
Charger: External wall plug‐in charger for 100/110/250VAC inputs. External cigar plugin charger for 12VDC inputs
Power off: Auto
Standard Supply Includes TDR2 Pile Integrity tester, Instrumented Hammer, Spare hammer tip, Geophone, USB Data transfer cable, AC Adapter charger, DC Charger lead, Waterproof, Padded Carrying case, Protective pouch with neck strap, Instruction Manual, TPAP Software CD, Calibration certificates, 1 Year Limited Warranty

TPAP Software

  • The TPAP software is an easy to use platform for analysing results and producing reports. All raw data can be viewed to verify the validity of results.
  • Piles are tabulated and automatically sorted into number order. Test results can then be accessed directly from the table.
  • Analysis of pile length can be carried out either in the velocity or mobility views and interpretation can be confirmed by using the simulation and impedance log modules, removing subjective elements.
  • Simulation Module: This powerful tool can be used to predict the mobility curve using soil and pile properties.
  • It can also be used to assess piles with anomalies by using curve matching in real time.
  • Up to 10 geotechnical layers can be input to simulate real ground conditions.
  • Impedance Log: The pile shaft impedance is separated from soil effects and plotted against depth.
  • This can effectively be viewed as a pile cross section profile.
  • Often, complex time domain results can be resolved using this method.

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