Swell Plate for CBR Swelling Test (UTS-0790)

Swell Plate for CBR Swelling Test (UTS-0790)

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Compacted Road Base and Sub-base Soils

Code UTS-0790
Standards EN 13286-47; ASTM D1183; AASHTO T193; BS 1377:4, 1924:2; NF P 94-078; AS 1289.6.1.1

Product Code:

UTS-0790 Adjustable Stem and Perforated Aluminium Plate for CBR Swelling Test
UTS-0790A Adjustable Stem and Perforated Brass Plate, ASTM, for CBR Swelling Test
UTS-0790NF Adjustable Stem and Perforated Plastic Plate, NF, for CBR Swelling Test
UTS-0790AS Adjustable Stem and Perforated Plate, AS, for CBR Swelling Test
UTS-0792A Tripod for CBR Swelling Test, ASTM, AS, for UTS-0700 and UTS-0740AS
UTS-0792E Tripod for CBR Swelling Test, EN, for UTS-0612
UTS-0792 Tripod for CBR Swelling Test, BS, NF, TS
UTGM-0120 Analog Gauge 30 mm travel x 0.01 mm division
UTGM-0148 Digital Dial Gauge 25×0,01 mm, LCD Display Data Output
UTGM-0152 Digital Dial Gauge 12,7×0,001 mm, LCD Display Data Output
UTS-0794 CBR Soaking Tank (6 pcs. CBR Mould Capacity)


  • This equipment is used to monitor the swelling by placing it on top of the soil sample.
  • The swell test consists of perforated plate (swell plate) with adjustable stem, dial gauge and dial gauge tripod for mounting swell dial gauge in position on CBR Mould Collar.
  • The preferred gauge and each other equipment should be ordered separately for swelling test.
Product Code Dimensions Weight
UTS-0790 180x180x160 mm 2.5 kg
UTS-0790NF 180x180x160 mm 0.5 kg
UTS-0792 200x200x300 mm 1 kg
UTGM-0120 150x100x80 mm 0.5 kg
UTS-0794 500x700x400 mm 3 kg

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