Splitting Tensile Test Device (UTC-0350)

Splitting Tensile Test Device (UTC-0350)

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Compression and Flexural Testing Machines

Code UTC-0350
Standards ASTM C469’; EN1338;12390-6

Product Codes:

UTC-0350 Splitting Tensile Test Device for Ø150×300 mm and Ø160×320 mm Cylindrical Specimens, EN
UTC-0351 Distance Piece for UTC-0350 for Ø100×200 mm, Cylindrical Specimens, EN
UTC-0355 Splitting Tensile Test Device for 60-150 mm height x 220 mm length Concrete Block Pavers, EN
UTC-0360 Splitting Tensile Test Device for 150×150 mm Concrete Cubes, EN
UTC-0361 Distance Piece for UTC-360 for 100×100 Concrete Cubes, EN
UTC-0365 Wood Fibre Boards, 4x15x345 mm, Pack of 50


  • The UTC Series Splitting Tensile Test Devices are accessories for compression machines for measuring the splitting tensile strengths of Ø150×300 mm and Ø160×320 mm cylindrical specimens, 150 mm cube concrete specimens and of 60-150 mm height x 220 mm length concrete block pavers according to the requirements of the related standards.
  • UTC-0351 Distance piece for Ø100×200 mm cylindrical specimens and UTC-0361 distance piece for 100 mm cube concrete specimens should be ordered separately.
  • All the accessories can easily be fitted to the machine without the removal of the upper platen and spherical seat.
 Product Code UTC-0350 UTC-0355 UTC-0360
Specimen Cylindrical

Ø150×300 mm

Ø100×200 mm

(with UTC-0351)

Ø160×320 mm

Concrete Block Pavers

60-150 mm height

220 mm lenght

Concrete Cubes

150 mm

100 mm

(with UTC-0361)

Related Standards EN 12390-6;


EN 1338 EN 12390-6
Dimensions 340x150x330 mm 240x160x320 mm 180x150x320 mm
Weight (approx.) 25 kg 17,5 kg 15 kg

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