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For cylinders and cubes up to 370mm high, to EN 12390-2, ASTM D4543, UNI 6132

Code LCN690
British Standard BS1881-120
Other Standards EN12390-2
Weight (kg) 430
Tariff 902480 90
  • Designed to grind and polish concrete cube and cylinder specimens, blocks, natural stones, rocks, ceramic materials etc.
  • The specimens are easily fixed to the table by locking stirrups (see accessories) enabling an operator to grind the following at one time:
  • 3 x 100mm cube specimens, or
  • 3 x 150mm cube specimens, or
  • 2 x 200mm cube specimens, or
  • 2 x 100mm x 200mm, 110mm x 220mm, 150mm x 300mm, 160mm x 320mm cylinder specimens, or
  • 1 x block with 390mm x 250mm maximum dimensions

An electric motor actuated by a pushbutton revolves the abrasive head radially and alternatively in through both directions.

The column is completely protected against any abrasive dust.

The top handwheel lowers the grinding head with an accuracy of 0.5mm.

The grinding machine is manufactured from rugged plate and is supplied complete with control panel, coolant/decantation tank (utilising water and emulsifying oil), motor pump, set of abrasive sectors, safety chip guard with auto-stop.

Please note that the standard supply does not include the following items.
  1. Locking stirrups,
  2. Diamond sectors (8 pieces)
These must be ordered separately (see accessories).

Technical specification:

Table dimensions: 775x280mm (useable 750x250mm)
Grinding wheel diameter: 330mm
Vertical span width: minimum 70mm, maximum 350mm
Grinding head stroke: 205mm
Grinding wheel speed: 1400 rpm.
Power supply: 220-400V 50Hz 3ph, 2200W
Dimensions: 1220mm x 1080mm x 1730mm high
Weight: 410 kg approx.


  • Core face preparation device to prepare parallel and flat core faces or rock samples. The device accepts up to 4 core samples from 20mm to 55mm diameter and can be mounted on most grinding machines.
  • Aspiration system Aspiration system for dry grinding tests. The aspirator is not included.
  • Diamond grinding sector (8 pieces are required) “particularly recommended” because of their long duration and good grinding action.
  • Locking stirrups for 100mm, 150mm, 20mm cube specimens, complete with 60mm high distance piece.
  • Locking stirrups for 100mm, 110mm, 150mm 160mm diameter cylinders. They can be used only in conjunction with cube stirrups.
  • Locking stirrups for blocks of different sizes up to a maximum of 390mm x 250mm.

Spares :

  • Spare Abrasive Grinding Sectors (8 pieces)

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