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Solubility Test Set for Bitumen and Bituminous Binders (UTB-0260E)

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Bitumen and Bituminous Binders

StandardsEN 12592

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UTB-0260ESolubility Test Set for Bitumen and Bituminous Binders
UTGG-2005Filter Flask, 500 ml
UTGG-2240Gooch Crucible, Glass, for UTB-0260
UTGG-2242Funnel for UTB-0260, Glass
UTGG-2244Powdered Glass, for UTB-0260, 100 g
UTGP-1222Rubber Stopper with a hole, for UTB-0260
UTGP-1226Rubber Ring, for UTB-0260
UTGG-3590Water Trompe/Aspirator Filter Pumps for Vacuum Filtration with Analogue Manometer


  • Solubility Test Set for bitumen and bituminous binders, EN.
  • Consist of a filter flask, a sintered glass crucible, a funnel, 100g powdered glass, a rubber ring and a rubber stopper.
  • UTGE-3590 Metal water trompe/aspirator filter pump is supplied complete with 2m plastic tube, 1m rubber tube and 4 pcs. tube clamps.
  • Solvent and water trompe should be ordered separately.
Dimensions105x105x300 mm
Weight (approx.)1 kg

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