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Slump Test Set, ASTM (UTC-0400A)

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Fresh Concrete Testing

StandardsASTM C143; AASHTO T119

Product Codes:

UTC-0400ASlump Test Set, ASTM
UTC-0402ASlump Cone, Seamless Spun Metal, ASTM
UTC-0404AAluminium Base Plate with clamps and measuring bridge for UTC-0400/A
UTC-0406ASlump Cone Funnel, Seamless Spun Steel
UTC-0408ATamping Rod, Graduated, for UTC-0400A
UTGH-1618AScoop, Flat Bottom, 24 oz.
UTGH-1620Scoop, Cast Aluminium, 38 oz.


  • The Slump test method is used for the determination of the consistency and workability of fresh concrete.
  • UTC-0406A Slump Cone Funnel, made of seamless spun steel, should be ordered separately.

UTC-0400A Slump Test Set are supplied complete with:

  • Slump Cone, Seamless spun metal
  • Aluminium Base Plate with clamps and measuring bridge
  • Tamping Rod, Graduated
  • Scoop, cast aluminium 38 oz.
Dimensions550x600x250 mm (packed)
Weight (approx.)10,4 kg

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