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Sieve Segregation Test Set (UTC-0518)

Fresh Concrete Testing

StandardsEN 12350-11

Product Codes:

UTC-0518 Sieve Segregation Test Set
UTG-4PC0050/YSieve Ø 300×75 mm 5 mm Square Aperture
UTG-4002/YPan Ø 300×75 mm


  • The UTC-0518 Sieve Segregation Test Set is used for determining the resistance to sieve segregation of Self Compacting Concrete.
  • The Sieve has 5 mm square apertures with a frame diameter of 300 mm conforming to ISO 3310-2 standard.
  • Supplied complete with a Pan.
Dimensions350x350x250 mm
Weight (approx.)2,5 kg

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