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Servo Controlled Wide Test Space Electromechanical Universal Test Machine, 50 KN (UTM-8010)

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Electromechanical Universal Test Machine

StandardsEN 10545-4, 1015-12, 13748-1, 13748-2, 491, 538, 1170-4, 1170-5, 12372 12808-3, 13494,1542, 1346, 1348, 12004, 1607, 1015-11, EN ISO 15630-2, 6892-1 7500-1

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UTM-8010Servo Controlled Wide Test Space Electromechanical Universal Test Machine, 50 kN, 220-240V, 50-60Hz, 1 ph.


  • UTM-8010, 50 kN capacity Servo Controlled Wide Test Space Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine is fully automatic and multipurpose versatile machine which satisfy the requirement of R&D laboratories, university laboratories, institute laboratories and quality control laboratories.
  • The Machine is equipped with a servo motor and BC 100 TFT Graphics Data Acquisition and Control Unit.
  • Flexural , breaking, bending, tensile, compression strength, tensile adhesion and tensile bond strength, CBR, Marshall, tensile and weld shear force tests can be perform under load or displacement control by using suitable accessories up to the machine capacity on wide range of materials, such as  ceramic and terrazzo tiles, naturel stone, adhesives for tiles, grouts for tiles clay and concrete roofing tiles, glass-fibre reinforced precast concrete products, thermal insulating products, plastering mortars, products for the protection and repair of concrete structure, soil and bituminous mixtures and welded fabric steel for the reinforcement of concrete.
  • The Testing Machine consist of base containing the transmission components and holds two robust columns connected by upper cross head and digital graphics data acquisition and control system.
  • The upper cross head can be adjusted to set the vertical test space for different tests.
  • User can adjust the vertical test space by also lower crosshead moved by an electromechanical system with a single re-circulating ball screw, powered by a servomotor.
  • Advanced closed loop control system assures accurate load or displacement pace rate on sample.
  • The load is measured by a load cell that located on upper crosshead and displacement is measured by displacement transducer fitted to the lower crosshead.
  • The operator will have large flexibility during the test with advanced microprocessor control and material testing software installed on PC.
  • Suitable accessories and different capacity loadcells should be ordered separately the test performed.
  • UTM-8010 supplied with 50 kN Capacity Load Cells

Data Acquisition & PC Software:

  • Digital display graphics data acquisition and control system are designed to control the machine and process the data from displacement transducer and Load cell, installed on the frame.
  • It has graphical TFT display of 800×480 pixel and show both load and displacement.
  • The digital unit sends all this information to PC and accepts commands of Start, Stop, and Test Speed etc.
  • Manual zeroing of all engineering values exists prior to the beginning of test.
  • Materials testing software is available for Utest UTM series universal testing systems.
  • Test software provides fully customized parameter definition, automatic test control, data collection, results analysis and reporting.
  • Advanced templates for testing to the standards a wide variety of materials and applications help ensure quick test execution.
  • Various engineering calculations are performed automatically by the test software.
  • Test results stored in computer for your future retrieve or re-analysis and reporting.
  • Data Exchange between other Windows based applications such as Excel format.

Tests with UTM-8010:

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines are suitable for difference tests on various materials as:

  • Modulus of rupture and Breaking strength test for ceramic tiles
  • Flexural strength tests of terrazzo tiles, naturel stone, clay and concrete roofing tiles
  • Bending strength test of glass-fibre reinforced precast concrete products, tensile strength tests of thermal insulating products
  • Compressive/ Flexure strength of rendering and plastering mortars, grouts for tiles
  • Tensile bond/ adhesion tests of cementitious adhesives for tiles, injection products rendering and plastering mortars, products for the protection and repair of concrete by pull-off
  • Uniaxial, triaxial and CBR tests of soil
  • Marshall stability test and Indirect tensile test of bituminous mixtures
Frame Features
Max. Load50 kN
Machine ClassClass 1 starting from1% of the capacity
Max. Vertical Test Space

(without accessories)

(Lower crosshead at middle stroke.

Min. 200mm / Max. 400 mm

(without accessories)

Distance Between Columns850 mm
Stroke100 mm
Test Speed Range0,001-50 mm/min.
Load Rate0,001-2 kN/s (Depend on specimen stiffness)
Electrical Requirement220-240V, 50-60Hz, 1 phase.
Weight Approx.310 kg
Welded Fabric for Reinforcement of ConcreteTensile and Weld Shear

Force Tests

EN ISO 15630-2

EN ISO 6892-1

UTM-8060 Tensile Grip complete with grips for round specimens from 2 to 10 mm dia., and flats 0 to 8 mm thick.

UTGM-0015 Load Cell 10 kN Capacity

UTM-8055 Holder for Weld Shear Force Tests for welded wire

Ceramic TilesFlexure,

Bending and Breaking


EN 10545-4UTM-8012 Flexural Testing Assembly, for UTM-8010 And UTM-8020. Consist of two upper rollers and two lower rollers 820 mm length and 20 mm dia.
Clay ProductsEN 538
Concrete and Natural Stone ProductsEN 13748-1

EN 13748-2

EN 491

EN 12390-5 (*)

ASTM C78(*),



BS 1881:118(*)

UTC-5501 Flexural Testing Assembly for Concrete Beams
EN 12372

EN 1339(*)

EN 1341(*)

EN 1343(*)

UTC-5504 Flexural Testing Assembly with 610 mm length and 38 mm dia.
EN 1170-4

EN 1170-5

UTM-8095 Flexure Apparatus for EN 1170
Mortar For Masonry and Grouts for TilesEN 196-1


EN 12808-3

EN 1015-11

UTCM-0121/E Compression Jig Assembly EN, to test portions of 40x40x160 mm mortar prism. (*)

UTCM-0121/A Compression Jig Assembly ASTM, to test 50 mm (2″) mortar cubes. (*)

UTCM-0120/E Flexure Jig Assembly EN, to test 40x40x160 mm mortar prisms, distance between lower bearers is 100 mm

UTCM-0120/A Flexure Jig Assembly ASTM, to test 40x40x160 mm mortar prisms, distance between lower bearers are 119 mm

Adhesives for Tiles, Mortar for Masonry and

Products for The Protection and Repair Of Concrete Structures

Tensile Adhesion/Bond StrengthEN 1346

EN 1348

EN 12004

EN 1015-12

EN 1542

UTM-8070 Pull-Headed Plate Set for EN 1348 and EN 12004

UTM-8080 Pull-Headed Plate Set for EN 1015-12 and EN 1542

UTM-8082 Frusto-Conical Shaped Rings.

EN 1015-12, stainless steel, Ø50mm

UTM-8064 Holders for Concrete Base Plate and Specimen EN 1348, 1015-12, 1542 (**)

UTM-8074 Holders for Concrete Base Plate and Specimen EN 1348, 1015-12. (**)

UTM-8084 Holders for Concrete Base Plate and Specimen EN 1542 (**)

UTGM-0010 Load Cell 5 kN Capacity

UTGM-0015 Load Cell 10 kN Capacity

Thermal Insulating ProductsTensile

Adhesion / Bond


EN 13494

EN 1607

UTM-8121 Tensile-Headed Solid Plate Set, 50x50x5 mm

UTM-8122 Tensile-Headed Solid Plate Set, 100x100x5 mm

UTM-8123 Tensile-Headed Solid Plate Set, 150x150x5 mm

UTM-8124 Tensile-Headed Solid Plate Set, 200x200x5 mm

UTM-8125 Tensile-Headed Solid Plate Set, 300x300x5 mm




EN 13286-47

ASTM D1883


UTM-0110 CBR Penetration piston, used to perform CBR tests.
Quick Triaxial TestsBS 1377-8

ASTM D2850


See the table bottom of the page



EN 12697-34

ASTM D1559

UTAS-0057 Breaking Head Stability Mould, cast iron, for 4″ (101,6 mm) Marshall Samples

UTAS-0058 Breaking Head Stability Mould, cast

iron, for 6″ (152,4 mm) Marshall Samples

Indirect Tensile

Splitting Tests



UTAS-0063 Tensile Splitting Device for

Compacted Bituminous samples 100 mm (4″) dia.

(*) Up to the machine capacity

(**) Supplied complete with the connection apparatus fit with the ordered machine.

Typical configuration of system for different tests (UU-CU-CD)
Product CodeDescriptionUUUU-CU-CD
UTM-0108Multiplex Universal Electromechanic Test Machine*11
UTGM-0010Load Cell 5 k N11


Triaxial Cell**11
UTS-0405Block with One Connection Line for Triaxial Test Cells,1
UTS-0406Block with 3 Connection Lines for Triaxial Test Cells1
UTGM-0110Pressure Transducer13
UTS-0408Oil and Water Constant Pressure System12
UTS-0415Automatic Volume Change Unit1
UTG-0320Static Unilogger4 Channels1
UTS-0416Software to Perform UU Triaxial Tests11
UTS-0417Software to Perform CU-CD Triaxial Tests1
UTS-1330 and UTGP-1140De-Airing Water Tank, 7 L. and Hose11

*Supplied complete with UTGM-0025 50 kN Load Cell, UTGM-0062 25 mm Linear Potentiometric Transducer and UTC-4930 BC 100 Data Acquisition and Control Unit.

**Choose the suitable cell for the specimen size (UTS-0400: 38-50 mm dia. samples / UTS-0401: 70-100 mm dia. samples).

  • For cell accessories, sample preparation accessories and Optional apparatus for de-airing water please see Triaxial Test Systems.

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