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Semi-Automatic Flexural Testing Machine (UTC-5610.SLP)

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Compression and Flexural Testing Machines

StandardsEN 1338, 1339, 1340, 12390-5, 12390-6; BS 1881; ASTM C78, C293, C496

Product Codes:

UTC-5610.SLP100 kN Semi-Automatic Flexural Testing Machine
Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1phUTC-5610.SLP
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1phUTC-5610.SLP-N


  • The UTEST Semi-Automatic range of 200 kN capacity flexure testing machine was been designed for reliable and consistent testing of flexural test on standard concrete beams, concrete or natural stone kerbs, concrete paving flags and natural stone slabs and tensile splitting test of concrete paving blocks.
  • These flexure testing machines are the results of continuous research to upgrade testing machines with latest technologies and to conform to the latest standards EN 12390-5, EN 12390-6, EN 1338, EN 1340, BS 1881, ASTM C78, C293 and C496 in terms of its technical properties taking into account client requirements.
  • These testers also meet the requirements of CE norms for health and safety of the operator.
  • The UTEST Semi-Automatic range of 100 kN capacity flexure testing machines allow inexperienced operators to perform the test.
  • The flexural testing machines consist of heavy-duty welded frame, hydraulic power pack with LPI Battery Operated Digital Readout Unit
  • UTEST Flexural Machine UTC-5610.SLP is designed to allow easy and practical front loading of the specimens.
  • The UTEST range of Flexural Machines have the accuracy of Class 1 starting from 2% of the full capacity.

Safety Features:

  • Max pressure valve to avoid machine overloading
  • Ram travel switch to prevent excessive piston travel

The test assemblies such as:

  • Flexure strength test of concrete beam (UTC-5501), kerb (UTC-5502) and flagstone (UTC-5504),
  • Indirect tensile strength test of paving block (UTC-0355 and UTC-5510),
  • Splitting tensile strength test of concrete cubes (UTC-0360) and cylinders (UTC-0350),
  • Compression strength test of any construction material (UTCM-4116 and distance pieces UTC-4630, UTC-4631, UTC-4633 and UTC-4634) should be ordered separately
Capacity100 kN
Class 1 Range4-200 kN
Ram Travel100 mm
Max. Vertical Clearance4235 mm (without accessories)
Max. Horizontal Clearance860 mm
Max. Clearance Between Lower Rollers744 mm (with UTC-5501, UTC-5502 and UTC-5504)
Semi-Automatic Power Pack with LPI Digital Readout UnitUTC-4820SLP


Frame1170x515x1130 mm
Power Pack300x420x850 mm


Frame170 kg
Power Pack70 kg

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