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Rugged Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (LES-TM-210B)

Rugged Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (LES-TM-210B)

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Capable of performing measurements on a wide range of material, including Metals, Plastic, Ceramics, Composites, epoxies, glass and other ultra-sonic wave well-conductive materials.

Code LES-TM-210B
  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • Range: 0.75 ~ 300.0mm (in steel)
  • Range is material and probe dependant
  • Tolerance ± (0.5% +0.02) mm depending on conditions
  • Velocity: 1000 m/s ~ 9999 m/s
  • Resolution: 0.01mm up to 99.99 / 0.1mm over 100.0
  • Two-point calibration and coupling status
  • High / Low gain setting
  • USB with 500 Reading memory (5 files, 100 readings per file)
  • c/w carry case, 5MHz angled probe, coupling agent, software cable, batteries and manual
  • ** Optional high temperature probes available (max 300°C and 550°C)


Display: 128 x 64 LCD With LED backlight
Measuring range: 0.75mm~300.0mm (0.03inch~11.8 inch)
Sound velocity: 1000m/s~9999m/s (0.039~0.394in/ųs)
Display resolution: 0.01mm or 0.1mm (lower than 100.0mm)
0.1mm (more than99.99mm)
Accuracy: ± (0.5% thickness +0.02mm) depends on materials & conditions
Units: Metric/Imperial unit selectable
Power source 2pcs, 1.5V AA Size batteries. 100 hours typical operating time (LED backlight off)
Communication USB serial port
Outline dimensions 150mm x 74mm x 32mm
Weight 238g


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Standard Configuration

1 Main Body 1  
2 Transducer 1 Model: TM-08
3 Couplant 1  
4 Instrument case 1  
5 Operating manual 1  
6 Alkaline battery 2 AA Size
12 DataPro software 1  
13 Communication cable 1  
Optional configuration 7 Transducer: TM-12   Appendix A
8 Transducer: TM-06  
9 Transducer: HT5  
10 Mini thermal printer 1  
11 Print cable 1

Probe optional for ultra-sonic thickness gauge:

Model Freq. MHz Diam. Min. Measuring range Lower limit Description
LES-TM-12 2 14 3.00mm-300.0mm (in steel) 20 For thick, highly attenuating, or highly scattering materials
LES-TM-08 5 10 1.2mm-230.0mm (in steel) Ф20mmx3.0mm Normal measurement
LES-TM-08/90 5 10 1.2mm-230.0mm (in steel) Ф20mmx3.0mm Normal measurement
LES-TM-06 7 6 0.75mm-80.0mm (in steel) Ф15mmx2.0mm For thin pipe or small curvature pipe wall thickness measurement
LES-HT-5 5 2 3mm-200mm (in steel) 30 For high temperature measurement (up to 300℃)
LES-HT5-2 5 2 3mm-200mm (in steel) 30 For high temperature measurement (up to 550℃)

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