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20 – 280rpm, with diagonal condenser

Code LBM110
Other Standards EN12607-3
Tariff 902480 90

Ease of Use:

  • The detachable operating panel can reattach via Velcro or with a special suspension at eye level for your convenience from outside closed fume hoods
  • The evaporating flask clamp cannot be lost due to a connection to the vapor tube coupling ring
  • The integrated coupling ring and the patented clamping sleeve system allows you to remove sticking evaporating flasks from the vapor tube in seconds in a safe manner
  • The universal heating bath can be adjusted horizontally up to 200mm and offers sufficient space to accommodate 5 litre flasks
  • The height of 160 mm and the angle of the evaporating flask can be adjusted easily from 20° to 80°


  • Chemical-resistant vacuum seal allows for years of operation and reduces spare parts budget up to 75 %
  • Bath power cable coupling complies with protection class IP 67 to prevent corrosion and short circuits
  • The Non-sticking vapor tube with patented clamping sleeve eliminates broken glass and reduces spare parts cost significantly
  • The flange made of chemical-resistant PPS reduces corrosion, maintenance and spare parts cost to a minimum
  • Detachable operating panel:
    • Changing all parameters from outside closed fume hoods guarantees the highest safety level
    • Standard for all models is a panel with 1 m cable connection. Thus data security is guaranteed at any time
    • Immediate access to the panel ensures ultimate control of the process while increasing your ease of use
    • A separate on/off switch for heating prevents unintentional heat-up – the button is illuminated for visual control
  • For your protection the detachable operating panel is located below the bath and thus outside the dangerous zone

Safety features

  • Two independent safety circuits avoid an overheat situation of your heating bath: If bath temperature overshoots by 5 °C and if your water bath runs dry, heating will be switched off automatically
  • To avoid an overtemperature situation and potential thermal damage to your sample, you can individually pre-program a maximum temperature on the Hei-VAP Precision, at which the bath powers off
  • In case of a power cut, all motor lift models will remove the flask from the heating bath preventing safety hazards and potential thermal damage to your sample
  • To protect you from splashes and scalding, the Hei-VAP heating bath features an integrated pour spout to remove bath fluid safely
  • Heating bath is constructed with a double wall for your protection against burns and scalding
  • The guard hood covers the entire bath completely even if the heating bath is adjusted horizontally to its most extreme limit
  • A metal support between the heating bath and the base unit prevents bath instability
  • To protect your heating bath against short-circuits and systematic corrosion, the cable coupling complies with the protection class IP 67
  • For your protection, the operating panel is located near the base so as to keep your hands out of the dangerous zone of rotating flasks, steam and splashing bath fluids
  • All heating baths feature non-slip handles with safety grip to protect you from scalding bath liquids and allow for easy installation/removal of the bath
  • A separate on/off switch for heating prevents unintentional heat-up. The button is illuminated for visual control
  • In case of an overshoot of any parameter setting, all models will show a warning on the operating panel
  • Glassware assemblies are optionally available with transparent plastic safety coating ensuring ultimate protection while allowing visual control at all times


Rotation speed 20 – 280 rpm
Rotation speed setting scale
Hand / Motor lift hand lift
Height adjustment speed manual
Height adjustment 155 mm
Drive brushless DC motor with electronic speed control
Heating capacity 1300 W
Temperature range heating bath 20 – 210°C
Temperature accuracy ±1
Overheat cut-off protection cut-off at 5 °C- over set temperature via separate Pt 1000
Bath temperature setting scale
Heating bath temperature control electronic
Material heating bath stainless steel AISI 316L
Diameter heating bath 255 mm
Volume heating bath 4.5 litres
Supply voltage 230V 50/60 Hz
Supply power 1400 W
Weight without glass assembly 16kg
Dimensions 395mm L x 490mm W x 430mm H
Protection class (DIN EN 60529) IP 20
Operation conditions 0 – 40°C at 80% rh
Rate of evaporation 1200 ml H2O / h
Condensing surface 1200 cm2
Warranty 3 years

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