Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

Ring and Ball Test Sets (UTB-0231E)

Bitumen and Bituminous Binders

StandardsEN 1427; ASTM D36; AASHTO T53

Product codes:

UTB-0231ETwo Rings Assembly for Ring and Ball Test, EN
UTB-0231ATwo Rings Assembly for Ring and Ball Test, ASTM
UTD-1412LCD Digital Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer, EN 1427, ASTM D36
UTD-1410YDigital Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer
UTB-0236EPouring Plate, EN, Metal
UTB-0236APouring Plate, ASTM, Brass
UTGG-1330Borosilicate Glass Beaker 600 ml
UTGG-1335Glass Griffin Beaker, 800 ml
UTGT-1305Glass Thermometer Max. 110°C
UTGT-1315Glass Thermometer Max. 250°C
UTGT-2050ASTM 15C Thermometer -2 +80°C (IP6OC)
UTGT-2055ASTM 16C Thermometer +30 + 200°C (IP61C)
Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.UTD-1412UTD-1410Y
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1 ph.UTD-1412-N


  • UTB-0231E and UTB-0231A assemblies are used for determining the softening point of bituminous materials by ring and ball method with UTD-1412 or UTD-1410Y hot plate.
  • UTD-0412 hot plate with magnetic stirrer which works conforming to EN and ASTM standards.
  • The hot plates include an immersion type temperature sensor with its holder and a stirring bar.
  • The hot plates which are supplied with an immersion type temperature sensor with its holder and a stirring bar should be ordered separately.
  • If required, pouring plate, glass thermometers (UTGT-1305, UTGT-1315) or ASTM thermometers (15C or 16C) should be ordered separately.
  • The assemblies include a ring holder, a bottom plate, 2pcs. brass rings, 2pcs. brass ball centring guides, 2pcs. stainless steel balls and a glass beaker (UTB-0231E with UTGG-1330 or UTB-0231A with UTGG-1335).
Dimensions280x400x200 mm (packed)
Weight (approx.)4 kg
Power650 W

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