Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

Riffle Boxes (UTA-0338)

General and Geometric Properties

StandardsEN 932-2; ASTM C702; BS 812:1, 1377:1, 1924:1

Product Codes: 

UTA-0338Riffle Box 5 mm
UTA-0340Riffle Box 7 mm
UTA-0341Riffle Box 13 mm
UTA-0342Riffle Box 15 mm
UTA-0343Riffle Box 19 mm
UTA-0344Riffle Box 25 mm
UTA-0345Riffle Box 30 mm
UTA-0346Riffle Box 38 mm
UTA-0347Riffle Box 45 mm
UTA-0348Riffle Box 50 mm
UTA-0349Riffle Box 64 mm
UTA-0350Riffle Box 75 mm
  • Riffle boxes are used for dividing aggregates into 2 equal homogenous quantity for testing.
  • The Riffle Box is electrostatically painted and manufactured to meet the relevant International standard both in the slot width and number of slots.

The Riffle Boxes are supplied complete with:

  • Containers with Handles – 3 pcs
 ApertureNumber of SlotsWeightDimensions
UTA-03385 mm162 kg130x180x180 mm
UTA-03407 mm122 kg130x180x180 mm
UTA-034113 mm126 kg200x250x350 mm
UTA-034215 mm126.5 kg200x290x350 mm
UTA-034319 mm1011 kg220x310x400 mm
UTA-034425 mm109 kg250x350x420 mm
UTA-034530 mm1015 kg230x420x450 mm
UTA-034638 mm816 kg320x430x570 mm
UTA-034745 mm820 kg320x450x590 mm
UTA-034850 mm820 kg320x500x600 mm
UTA-034964 mm832 kg360x600x600 mm
UTA-035075 mm835 kg370x700x600 mm

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this website.