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Riffle Box Slot Width 10mm to BS812, EN932 (LAG006)

With divider and 3 containers to BS812-1, BS1377-1, BS1377-2, BS1377-3, BS1377-4, BS598-2

British StandardBS812-1
Other StandardsEN932
Weight (kg)4.5
Tariff902480 90
Image shown is LAG011 Riffle Box

Heavy Gauge Sheet Steel Riffle Boxes with divider and 3 containers Divider:

  • 178mm long x 168mm wide x 109mm high
  • Containers: 167mm long x 77mm wide x 123mm high

Ordering Information

LAG005Riffle Box, slot width 7mm, 12 slots
LAG006Riffle Box, slot width 10mm, 12 slots
LAG007Riffle Box, slot width 15mm, 12 slots
LAG008Riffle Box, slot width 20mm, 10slots
LAG009Riffle Box, slot width 25mm, 10slots
LAG010Riffle Box, slot width 30mm, 10slots
LAG011Riffle Box, slot width 40mm, 8slots
LAG013Riffle Box, slot width 50mm, 8slots
LAG014Riffle Box, slot width 65mm, 8slots
LAG015Riffle Box, slot width 75mm, 8slots
LAG018Riffle Box, slot width 80mm, 8slots


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