Relative Density Test Set (UTS-0670A-C)

Relative Density Test Set (UTS-0670A-C)

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Compacted Road Base and Subbase Soils

Code UTS-0670A-C
Standards ASTM D4253 (Method 1A—1B), D4254

Product Codes:

UTS-0670A-C Relative Density Test Set, ASTM, 380V 50Hz, 3 ph.
UTS-0672A Relative Density Mould Set, ASTM, 0.5 ft 3
UTS-0673A Relative Density Mould Set, ASTM, 0.1 ft 3
UTS-0674A Relative Density Gauge Set, ASTM
UTS-0675 Pouring Funnel Set, for Relative Density Test.
UTS-0676 Compass Crane with Electric Motor
UTS-0678 Equipment for Calibration of Amplitude of Vibrating Table
  • Relative Density Test Set ASTM is used for the determination of the relative density of cohesionless soil for which impact compaction will not produce a well-defined moisture-density relationship curve and where the maximum density of impact method will generally be less than by vibratory method.
  • The test is applicable to soils that may contain up to 15 %, by dry mass, of soil particles passing a No 200 (75-μm) sieve, provided they still have cohesionless, free-draining characteristics.
  • Further, these test methods are applicable to soils in which 100 %, by dry mass, of soil particles pass a 3-in. (75-mm) sieve.
Vibration Frequency 50 Hz
Amplitude Range Between about 0.20 mm and 0.48 mm
Vibrating Table Type Electromagnetic
  • UTS-0670A-C, Relative Density Test Set consists of an electromagnetic vibrating table with controller, relative density mould sets (0,1 ft.and 0,5 ft.3) and relative density gauge set.
  • UTS-0672A or UTS-0673A, Relative Density Mould Set consists of a mould, circular surcharge weight with handle, surcharge base plate with handle and detachable guide sleeve with clamp assembly.
  • UTS-0674A, Relative Density Gauge Set consists of an analogy displacement dial gauge (50 x 0.01 mm division, 0-100 scale – UTGM-0132) with holder and calibration bar, metal 75 x 300 x 6mm set.
  • UTS-0676, Cross Crane with Electric Motor is used for handling of surcharge weights for user health during the test.
  • The Crane be anchored to a rigid wall and/or concrete ground.
  • UTS-0678, Equipment for Amplitude Calibration of Vibrating Table consists of a software for vibration amplitude measurement, data acquisition (1000 record/second) unit, electronic displacement transducer (accuracy 0.0005 in. – 0.015 mm) and mount for displacement transducer (for mounting the transducer at the top of the mould. during the calibration)
  • UTS-0675, UTS-0676 and UTS-0678 should be ordered separately.
Product Code Dimensions Weight (approx.)
UTS-0670A-C 1400x760x570 mm 135 kg
UTS-0672 390x390x490 mm 130 kg
UTS-0673A 240x240x490 mm 45 kg
UTS-0674A 100x100x320 mm 1,8 kg
UTS-0675 170x170x530 mm 8 kg
UTS-0676 2100x1850x400 mm 95 kg

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