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Reflux Extraction Test Set (UTAS-0013)

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Analysis of Bituminous Mixtures

StandardsASTM D2172; AASHTO T164 B

Product Codes:

UTAS-0013Reflux Extraction Test Set 1000 g, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
UTAS-0014Reflux Extractor Jar 1000 g
UTAS-0015Reflux Extractor Condenser 1000 g
UTAS-0016Reflux Extractor Conical Wire Screen 500 g
UTGH-1830Iron Wire Gauze 120x120mm
UTAS-0020Reflux Extraction Test Set 4000 g, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
UTAS-0021Reflux Extractor Jar 4000 g
UTAS-0022Reflux Extractor Condenser 4000 g
UTAS-0023Reflux Extractor Conical Wire Screen 2000 g
UTAS-0024Filter Paper Ø300mm (50 pcs. /pack) for UTAS-0013
UTAS-0025Filter Paper Ø 400mm (50 pcs. /pack) for and UTAS-0020
UTGH-1835Iron Wire Gauze 160x160mm


  • The Reflux Extractor is used for the quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples.
  • The bitumen content is calculated by difference from the weight of extracted aggregates, moisture content and ash from an aliquot part of the extract.

The Reflux Extraction Test Sets are supplied complete with:

  • Cylindrical Glass Extractor Jar
  • Two Wire Mesh Cones with Interlocking Frames
  • Water Condenser with Inlet/Outlet Tubes
  • Filter Paper, 50 pcs. /pack
  • Hot Plate
  • Iron Wire Gauze (UTGH-1830 with UTAS-0013, UTGH-1835 with UTAS-0020)
 DimensionsUTAS-0013260x260x620 mm
UTAS-0020260x260x620 mm
Weight (approx.)UTAS-00136 kg
UTAS-00208 kg

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