Reference Colours Glasses (UTA-0885)

Reference Colours Glasses (UTA-0885)

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Chemical Properties

Code UTA-0885
Standards EN 1744-1; ASTM C40

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UTA-0885 Reference Colours Glass
UTGG-1705 Graduated Impurities Test, Glass Bottle 500 ml, ASTM
UTGG-1710 Graduated Impurities Test, Glass Bottle 1000 ml, ASTM
UTGG-1720 Cylindrical Glass Bottle with Cork Stopper, for Organic Impurities, 450 ml,EN
UTGC-0840 Sodium Hydroxide 1 kg


  • The Reference Colour Glass consists of 5 organic glass scales mounted in a plastic holder, which is used for the comparison of the colour results from the relevant test.

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