Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (UTC-1200)

Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (UTC-1200)

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Hardened Concrete Testing

Code UTC-1200
Standards ASTM C 1202; ASTM C 1760

Product Codes:

UTC-1200 Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Equipment 110-230 V 50-60 Hz
UTC-1210 Cell for UTC-1200, Ø (99-101) mm. Supplied with spacer disk and rubber gaskets
UTC-1220 Cell with Cooling Fins for UTC-1200, Ø (99-101) mm. Supplied with spacer disk and rubber gaskets (Optional)
UTAS-0095 Large size heavy duty vacuum pyknometer (Yale), 10 L supplied with vacuum gauge (UTGE-3552) and plastic tube. (Optional)
UTGE-3530 Vacuum Pump, Dual Stage 128 L/min capacity 220-240V, 50-60 Hz, 1ph. (Optional)
UTGE-3550 Vacuum Gauge, analogue, -760 mm Hg, 20 mm Hg graduated, 63 mm. (Optional)
UTGG-2015 Filter Flask 2000 ml (Optional)


  • UTC-1200 Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Equipment (RCPT) is used to evaluate the resistance of a concrete sample to the penetration of chloride ions.
  • Test is performed by placing a 100 mm diameter concrete cylinder into the sample cells that contain 3.0 % salt solution and 0.3 N sodium hydroxide solution.
  • A voltage of 60 V DC is maintained across the ends of the sample throughout the test and the charge that passes through the sample is recorded.
  • Based on the charge, a qualitative rating can be made of concrete’s permeability.
  • Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Equipment contains four standard cells, four PT-100 sensors for temperature monitoring during the test and a 190×64 resolution LCD screen.
  • Utest provides two types of sample cells for RCPT.
  • UTC-1210 is the standard cell for performing chloride resistance test. UTC-1220 has additional cooling fins and can be used when the temperature should be kept constant.
  • Utest Rapid Chloride Permeability Testing Equipment is supplied with Usoft-1200, Utest Software for RCPT tests.
  • Using Usoft-1200 temperature and current measurements on each of the four cells can be displayed and final charge passed (Q) can be reported.
Technical Specifications
Measurement Channels 4
Temperature Measurement Range 0-1000C
Dimensions 500x300x200 mm
Weight (approx.) 15 kg

UTC-1200 Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Equipment is supplied complete with;

  • Four Ø (99-101) mm sample cells, spacer disks and rubber gaskets.
  • Four PT-100 temperature sensors
  • Usoft-1200 Utest Software for RCPT testing.

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