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Pyknometers (Bottle Type) (UTGG-1600)

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Mechanical and Physical Properties

StandardsEN 1097-6

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UTGG-1600Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 250 ml
UTGG-1605Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 500 ml
UTGG-1610Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 1000 ml
UTGG-1615Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 2000 ml
UTGG-1620Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 3000 ml
UTGG-1625Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 5000 ml
UTGG-1630Double Edged and Capillary Tubed Funnel
  • Bottle Type Pyknometers are used to determine the specific gravity of aggregates.
  • 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 3000 ml and 5000 ml.

The Bottle Type Pyknometer is supplied complete with:

  • Double Edged and Capillary Tubed Funnel
 DimensionsWeight (approx.)
UTGG-1600110x110x270 mm0.5 kg
UTGG-1605130x130x270 mm0.7 kg
UTGG-1610150x150x270 mm1 kg
UTGG-1615180x180x330 mm1.25 kg
UTGG-1620200x200x340 mm1.35 kg
UTGG-1625250x250x400 mm1.60 kg
UTGG-163050x50x270 mm0.2 kg

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