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Portable Vibration Analyser with Printer (LES-TMV500)

Portable Vibration Analyser with Printer (LES-TMV500)

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LES-TMV500 uses piezoelectric acceleration transducer to convert vibration signal into electric signal.

Code LES-TMV500
  • Then by analysing input signal, results including RMS of velocity values, peak-peak value of displacement, peak values of acceleration or real-time spectral charts are displayed or printed out.
  • It can not only measure the three parameters, but also for rotational speed measuring.
  • The vibration meter is designed to test conventional vibration, especially the vibration test in rotating and reciprocating machines.
  • It can be used not only to test the acceleration, velocity, and displacement of vibration as well as rev (or inherent frequency), but also perform simple failure diagnosis.
  • The technical specifications of LES-TMV500 comply with the requirements of GB 13823.3.
  • LES-TMV500 is widely used in machinery, power, metallurgy, automobile and other industrial fields



Standard Configuration

No. Item Quantity
1 Main Unit 1
2 Power adapters            (input:220V/50Hz,output:6V/1000mA) Choose one
Power adapters            (input:110V/50Hz,output:6V/1000mA)
3 Piezoelectric sensors 1
4 Magnetic seat (with 2 bolts) 1
5 Manual 1
6 Package case 1
          Optional configuration 1 Speed transducer (Lacer) 1
2 Software 1
3 Probe 1
4 Communication cable 1


Testing range (Metric) Acce: 0.1 ~ 205.6 m/s2 (peak)
Velo: 0.1 ~ 400.0 mm/s(RMS)
Disp: 0.001 ~ 9.0 mm(peak-peak)
Testing range (Imperial) Acce: 0.01 ~ 20.98 g(peak)
Velo: 0.01 ~ 15.75 in/s(RMS)
Disp: 0.1 ~ 354.3 mil(peak-peak)
Freq range Acceleration: 10Hz ~ 200Hz, 10Hz ~ 500Hz, 10Hz ~ 1KHz, 10Hz ~ 10KHz
Velocity: 10Hz ~ 1KHz
Displacement: 10Hz ~ 500Hz
Frequency resolution 0.25Hz
Data memory 100 ×80 pieces of data and 100 spectrums
Software Yes
Temp 0℃ ~ 40℃
Tolerance ±5%
Speed measuring range 30 ~ 300000 rpm corresponding to 0.5 ~ 5000Hz
Measuring distance 0.15 ~ 1m
Display TFT 320×200 pixels with RGB
Data interface USB
Overall dimensions 212×80×35
Printer Integrated thermal printer
Weight 320g
Battery Rechargeable Li battery,1500mAh
Continuous working time About 50h

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