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PE / PP, High quality and high-speed automatic rinsing system.

Code LPW217
  • Code LPW215 can wash pipettes with maximum length of 600 mm or Mohr’s burette.
  • It solves the problem of washing pipettes quickly and safely, even in laboratories where radioactive, corrosive or toxic products are used.
  • A continuous water exchange is allowed thanks to an emptying process based on siphon technology.
  • The elastic PE bottom eliminates the risk of pipette breaking.
  • Two or three soaking baskets can be used to soak simultaneously several glassworks groups.
  • The upper edge has a protective ring and provides a fixing base for the supply connector (pipe not supplied; Ø inner tube: 13mm).
  • The soaking basket is equipped with adjustable height ring to keep pipettes grouped.

Suggested basic set:

Pipettes: Burettes:
1×217 1×215
2×222 2×219
1×221 2×1219
Code Description Ø mm Basket h mm h mm
LPW215 Automatic pipette washer 173 980
LPW217 Automatic pipette washer 170 734
LPW218 Pipette Jar 165 650
LPW219 Pipette Basket 145 280 645
LPW221 Pipette Jar 165 503
LPW222 Pipette Basket 145 280 495
LPW1219 Extension handle for LPW219 basket

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