Nordic Abrasion Machine (UTA-0750)

Nordic Abrasion Machine (UTA-0750)

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Mechanical and Physical Properties

Code UTA-0750
Standards EN 1097-9; UNI 8520-13-16

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UTA-0750 Nordic Abrasion Machine
UTA-0751 Steel Balls, Ø 15 mm diameter 7 kg.
UTA-0752 Steel Balls, Ø 11.1 mm diameter 3,5 kg.
UTA-0753 Stainless Steel Drum for UTA-0750
Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph. UTA-0750
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1 ph. UTA-0750-N
  • UTA-0750 Nordic Abrasion Machine has been developed for testing the resistance of aggregates to wear by abrasion from studded tyres.
  • The test is performed on natural or artificial stones and aggregates between 11.2 mm and 16.0 mm.
  • The test consists of a rotating aggregate in a drum containing steel abrasive balls and water.
  • The machine consists of an electronic control unit and a rolled stainless-steel drum having an internal diameter of 206.5 mm, internal length of 335 mm and thickness of 6 mm.
  • The drum is rotated at a speed of 90 ± 3 r.p.m. 3 wings are installed inside of the drum to allow the balls and aggregates to be mixed properly.
  • The abrasion loss rate of aggregates is calculated after the specified number of revolutions stated in the relevant standard.
  • 11,1 mm diameter steel balls (3.5 kg.) should be ordered separately.

The Nordic Abrasion Machine is supplied complete with:

  • Stainless Steel Drum, 1 pcs.
  • Steel Balls, Ø 15 mm, 7 kg
Dimensions 720x400x650 mm
Weight (approx.) 70 kg
Power 600 W

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