Non-Nuclear Soil Density Gauge (UTS-1060)

Non-Nuclear Soil Density Gauge (UTS-1060)

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Compacted Road Base and Sub-base Soils

Code UTS-1060
Standards ASTM D 7930
  • Non-Nuclear Soil Density Gauge is used for detecting density of Soil specimens with non-nuclear type.
  • UTS-1280 is fully equipped with a touch screen and user-friendly graphical menu interface, running Microsoft Windows silently in the background for flowless operation, easy software are upgrades and enhanced user support.

The instruments general specifications are:

  • Full colour graphics driven interface, 480 x 640 VGA touch screen display with LED backlight for easy visibility.
  • Displays GPS status, available battery voltage, low battery and date/time,
  • Rugged case design made from aluminium, powder-coated gloss black with orange reflective vinyl graphics increasing driver awareness to road workers at night
  • Data Management Feature, quickly access, can be downloaded and deleted project data,
  • Required files can be downloaded to UTS-1280 via. USB,
  • Fast, reliable, accurate, and repeatable in real time, User Friendly, in-process, cost effective tool for any user,
  • The most important point is; Non-Nuclear means no Badges or Licences and no storage or transport concerns.
Operational Features:
  • Display: Full colour graphics driven user interface, 480×640 VGA touch screen display with LED backlight for easy visibility in daylight or dark situations.
  • Status Bar: Displays GPS status, Data Save status, battery voltage, low battery and date and time
  • Project Details: Stores up to 20 projects with details,
  • Material Details: Stores up to 20 materials, details include Material
  • Name, Description, Max Dry Density, Opt.
  • Moisture, Dry Density Offset, % Moisture Offset, % Greater than 3″, % Greater than 3/4″, % Gravel, % Sand, % Fines, PL, LL, Cu and Cc
  • Data Logging: Ability to store all measurements
  • Reports: Easily download data to be imported into Excel
  • GPS Control: When activated will display latitude and longitude positions, number of satellites the gauge is connected to as well as the UTC date and time, also available in UTM format.
  • GPS information will store with each measurement when Data Save and GPS feature is enabled, (Status Bar Icon)
  • Update Software: One touch upload of new software using a USB memory stick
  • Data Management: Quickly access, download or delete your project data
  • Set Time & Date: Quick time and date setup, MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY   formats
  • Units: Interchangeable settings for Density (kq/rn3, Ib/ft3), Temp (°C, °F)
  • Standardization: While gauge is still in the case, a quick one touch measurement will ensure the gauge is still in proper working mode
  • Calculator: Built in four function calculators
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Diagnostic screen to aid in factory support
  • User Programmable Target Density: Used for calculating % compaction
Operational Specification:
Measurement Mode

• Average

Averages five (5) readings and stores data including location date and time. Stores thousands of records
• Continuous Instantaneous density readings.
Function Mode
• Wet & Dry Density, % Compaction, % Moisture
Soil Specification
• Designed to operate with standard

soils used in civil construction projects.

• Requires inputs from standard – Standard Test Methods for Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit and
-Plasticity Index of Soils (ASTM D4318)
– Particle Size Distribution (ASTM D422)
– Proctor Test (ASTM D698 and D1557)
 Mechanical Specification:


• Unit Weight 14.2 lbs (6.44kg)
• Unit Dimensions 11″x11″x12″ High (27,9 cm x 27,9 cm x 30,4 cm) with handle extension 29″ High (73,6 cm)
• Shipping Weight w/ Case 42,5 lbs (19,27 kg)
• Shipping Dimensions 24″ x 19,5″ x 14″ (60,9 cm x 49,5 cm x 35,5 cm)
Measurement Specification:


• Sensing Area 11 in. (27.9mm) dia. base allows optimum measurement on fine and coarse material types
• Measurement Depth Designed for use on a standard 12″ (30cm) un-compacted layer of soil during or after compaction.

• Measurement Display

Dry Density, % Compaction, % Moisture, GPS Data, Material Information and Project Name
Electrical Specification:
• Microprocessor Controlled
• CE Mark Complies with EN 61000-4-2, 61000-4-3, 61000-4-8
• Battery 14.0 Amp-hr NiMH, 7.2 V
• Recharge Time 4 hours
• Battery Charger Self-Contained CE & UL Certified Universal AC Charger, DC Charger
• Computer Ports 1 USB Port

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