Multiplex Universal Electron Mechanic Test Machine (UTM-0108.SMPR)

Multiplex Universal Electron Mechanic Test Machine (UTM-0108.SMPR)

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Soil Mechanics

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  • The UTM-0108.SMPR Multiplex Universal Electro-mechanic Test Machine is a Servo Controlled Multiplex Machine supplied complete with 50 kN Load Cell (UTGM-0025), 25 mm Linear Potentiometric Transducer (UTGM-0062 ) and U-Touch PRO Control Unit.
  • 5 kN Loadcell should be ordered separately for Triaxial Tests.
  • The Frame capacity is 50 kN. This versatile digital loading frame features a microprocessor-controlled drive system with an advanced servo motor enabling the operator to easily set any test speed via the coloured touch screen.
  • Touch screen comprises adjustment buttons such as “start”, “increase”, “automatic”, “manual”, “down”, “up” as well as other user defined test parameters.
  • The testing speed can be set between 0,00001 mm/min to 51mm/min.
  • The test automatically stops when load and/or displacement is reached to 99% value of the set measuring range. See UTM-0108.SMPR pages for details.
  • Load and displacement values are collected by U-Touch PRO Control Unit and transferred to PC for further processing with the, USOFT –2419 software for performing UU and USOFT –2420 software for CU-CD tests.
Dimensions 550x650x1100 mm
Weight (approx.) 95 kg
Power 750 W
U-Touch PRO Control Units:
  • U-Touch PRO Control Unit is designed to control the machine and processing of data from load-cells, pressure transducers or displacement transducers which are fitted to the machine.
  • All the operations of U-Touch PRO are controlled from the front panel consisting of colour resistive touch screen display and function keys 4 analogue channels are provided for load-cells, pressure transducers or displacement transducers.
  • U-Touch PRO Control Units has easy to use menu options and displays all menu option listings simultaneously, allowing the operator to access the required option in a seamless manner to activate the option or enter a numeric value to set the test parameters.
  • The digital graphic display of each control unit is able to draw Realtime “Load vs. Time”, “Load vs. Displacement” or “Stress vs. Time” graphics.
  • The Control Unit offers many addition unique features. You can save more than 10000 test results in its internal memory.
  • The Control Units can be controlled remotely from anywhere around the world.


  • Can make test with displacement control

    • Real time display of test graph.

    • 4 Analog channels for load cell or pressure sensors or displacement sensors

    • Calibration function for 4 channels.

    • Programmable digital gain adjustment for load-cell, pressure transducers, potentiometric sensors, voltage and current transmitters

  • Closed-loop for pace rate
  • PLEASE see the pages of “General/Data Acquisition and Control Units” for details of the properties of software and hardware of U-Touch PRO Control Unit

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