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Muffle Furnaces (UTD-1450)

Loss of Ignition


Product Codes:

UTD-1450Muffle Furnace 3 L 1000°C 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph
UTD-1455Muffle Furnace 6,3 L, 1100°C 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph
UTD-1462Muffle Furnace 6,3 L, 1200°C Programmable Working Time and Working Temperature, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph
UTD-1465-CMuffle Furnace 5 L 1600°C, 380 V 50 Hz, 3 ph


  • The UTD Series Muffle Furnaces are widely used for determining various properties of construction materials, and they cover a temperature range from 1100°C to 1600°C, they are all front loading for easy operation and are of a double skin construction to maintain a cool outer case.
  • Up to 1300°C, open wire-based models are also produced.

The Muffle Furnaces have:

  • Powerful PID algorithm for precise temperature control
  • Power driven by SSRs for silent operation
  • Over temperature protection against over-heating of the furnace
  • Furnace frame and bottom is made of insulation brick to maintain high durability against mechanical damages.
  • Door safety switch and leak current circuit breaker providing additional operator safety.
  • Easily operated up & away spring balanced soft opening & closing door
Technical Specifications:
Max. Temperature1000 °C1100 °C1200 °C1600 °C
Continuous Operating Temperature950 °C1050 °C1150 °C1550 °C
Internal Volume3 L6.3 L6.3 L5 L
Internal Dimensions100x135x200 mm140x200x250 mm140x200x250 mm140x150x250 mm
External Dimensions425x320x360 mm650x550x580 mm650x550x580 mm650x550x580 mm
Weight (approx.)20 kg56 kg56 kg65 kg
Power2000 W2000 W2000 W4900 W

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.


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