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Muffle Furnace – Economy (LES-E Range)

Muffle Furnace – Economy (LES-E Range)

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The E (economy) range of Muffle furnaces have been designed without compromising any of the essential features associated with reliability and prolonged service life.

Code Les-E Range
  • The ruggedly constructed steel frame will endure the trials of a workshop environment, yet is equally suited to a laboratory bench top.
  • Maximum temperature: 1200ºC
  • Maximum continuous temperature: 1150ºC
  • The chamber is manufactured from a 98% Alumina material and is supported by lightweight low thermal mass ceramic brick.
  • The bricks are machined to carry spiral elements of Kanthal A1 material.
  • The chamber is equipped with a chimney for the removal of any undesirable gaseous / volatile contaminants.
  • For ashing applications, preheated air can be passed through the chamber and extracted through a large stainless-steel chimney (Optional extra).
  • In the interests of operator safety, the door moves on a parallel link system up and over, keeping the hot face away from the operator, the door handle doubling as the external counterweight
  • The entire cabinet is subjected to a seven-stage zinc phosphate anti corrosion treatment and then a durable epoxy powder coat is applied.


  • Standard instrumentation consists of a digital set, digital indicate dual display P.I.D. controller with power limiting facility and the capacity to auto tune P.I.D. values to the characteristics of your process.
  • This in turn operates a solid state, zero voltage-switching relays, causing minimal interference with other electronic equipment.
  • Type (k) thermocouple
  • A door switch isolates the elements in the interests of operator safety.
  • Various optional extras are available on request.


Lt Internal Chamber mm Electrical Max Temp

Cont. Temp



W D V AMP KW Degrees C

Degrees C

LES-E 36


90 150 270 220 12 2.6 1200


LES-E 84


120 180 390 220 15 3.3 1200


LES-E 160


200 220 390 220 22 4.8 1200


LES-E 300


200 300 490 220 30 6.6 1200


LES-E 42 CV (Coal Volatile


100 200 210 220 22 4.8 1150


LES-E 70 CA (Coal Ashing)


100 170 450 220 20 4.4 1200


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