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For Modulus of elasticity in compression to BS1881 part 121

Code LCT831
British Standard BS1881-121
  • Concrete Compression Machine Required
  • The following items are designed to be used with a suitable concrete compression machine.
  • The kit will work on any make of existing machine or select one from our range.

Device Controller

  • Sensitive electronic control system to control hydraulic and electro mechanic systems by the closed-loop (PID) control method.
  • Load and strain tests can be carried out with both load and displacement controlled. With displacement control, the user can obtain accurate and sensitive readings. The system has 1 kHz data acquisition speed.
  • Load cells, video extensometers, automatic extensometers, etc. can be connected to the controller. The software can recognise these sensors and their calibration is straightforward.
  • Special plugs are used to attach a sensor with the control system. These special plugs can save the calibration data in their own memory so that if the sensor is unplugged or the control unit is changed, the system will never lose the calibration data.
  • The controller has an excessive load protection system and can automatically detect specimen failure. The user can also reset the load at the beginning of the test.
  • Displacement can be adjusted between 0.1 mm/min and 60 mm/min.
  • The user can control the test, adjust device settings and control hydraulic grips by using computer software and the hand held unit; tests can be carried out using a single button.
  • The controller can detect indirect loads before the test (possibly caused by grips or the mechanical system) and can prevent them affecting the test results.
  • The piston return on test completion can be done automatically or the user can use computer software and the hand held unit to do so.
  • System units can be converted into SI and metric units.
  • Hand held control unit can be connected to a computer via USB or Ethernet.


  • Determines the elastic modulus by measuring both axial deformation and diametrical extension of cylinder specimens under compression stress.
  • Total stroke 4 mm
  • Measurements with 1-micron precision
  • Operating Temperature 60° C / -10° C
  • EN ISO 9513 Accuracy Class 0.5


  • Used to evaluate deformation and strain characteristics of concrete cylinders while undergoing compression testing.
  • The Compressometer includes two cast aluminium-alloy yokes, mounting and central points, stainless steel control rods.


  • The software collects the data from the LVDT and gives either a graph or raw values.
  • Reports are available in either PDF or EXCEL format.
  • Immediate data or graphs may be taken from the display screen during the test process. Series of data from all past tests may be seen as a graph.

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