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Micro Deval Machine TO EN1097-1 (LAG180)

Micro Deval Machine TO EN1097-1 (LAG180)

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Complete with 2 steel drums & steel balls/charges

Code LAG180
Other standards EN1097-1, EN12620, EN13043, EN13139, EN13242, EN13450*
Weight (kg) 137
Tariff 902480 90
  • Complete with 2 steel drums 200mm diameter x 154mm long & & steel balls/charges (5kg per drum)
  • Fitted with a revolution counter, which can be pre-set to stop after a set number of revolutions and a safety stop button.
  • *LAG180 Micro Deval Machine complies with EN13450 when used with the LAG180/3 drum
Item Dimensions (W x L x H) Weight
Machine 450mm x 1175mm x 1150mm 137kg

(supplied x 2)

200mm x 154mm 13kg

Not supplied

Separate purchase

200mm x 400mm 22kg
Steel Balls 10mm diameter 5.5kg

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