Mechanical Strain Gauge (UTC-3110)

Mechanical Strain Gauge (UTC-3110)

Protection and Repair of Concrete Structures (NDT) Hardened Concrete Testing

Code UTC-3110
Standards BS 1881:206

Product Codes:

UTC-3110            Mechanical Strain Gauge 100 mm Measuring Base

UTC-3130            Mechanical Strain Gauge 300 mm Measuring Base

UTGM-0190         Serial Cable for PC Connection

UTC-3122            Datum Discs. Pack of 50 Pieces

UTC-3123            Adhesive Tube, 20 g.


  • UTC-3110 and UTC-3130 Mechanical Strain Gauges are used for determining the length changes in different parts of a structure.
  • These strain gauges are especially designed to perform measurement on concrete structures but they are also suitable to be used for any other type of structure including steel.
  • Measuring base for UTC-3110 is 100×5 mm range and for UTC-3130 is 300×5 mm range Suitable model should be chosen according to the standard length to be measured.
  • Digital gauge for both models has 0.001 mm resolution an output for PC connection.
  • Serial cable for PC connection should be ordered separately.
  • Each model is supplied as a complete set which consists of extensometer with digital gauge, standard bar, calibration bar, No. 50 datum discs, adhesive compound for datum discs and carrying case.
300x400x110 mm (packed)
Weight (approx.)
2.5 kg

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