Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

Measuring Pipette from Soda-lime Glass, class AS, type 3 (LGW243451109)

Brown diffusion print, blow-out, zero at top, with ring graduations, with cotton plug, with batch certificate and certificate of conformity

  • Numbering from the top down.
  • Due to the scale, variable volumes can be held and then dispensed in the same or differing increments.
  • Typical applications: accurate measurement and decanting of liquids.
Cat. No.Capacity





limits (mL)



Colour code

DIN 12621

Pack Unit
24 345 11 0913600.0070.01 x yellow12
24 345 17 0923600.010.021 x black12
24 345 23 0253600.030.051 x red12
24 345 29 02103600.050.11 x orange12
24 345 34 01254500.10.11 x white12

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