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Mathematical Charts (Cm2)



  • Large A1 size posters in two-colour: clear, uncluttered, easy to read from anywhere in the class
  • Laminated on front surface

Algebra Charts (Set of 7 charts in red/black/white):

  • The Straight line graphs
  • The Parabola
  • The Hyperbola
  • The Circle
  • Exponents
  • Pascal’s Triangle
  • The Number System

Trigonometry Charts (Set of 9 charts in blue/black/white):

  • Special Angles
  • Reduction Formulae and Co-functions
  • Cast Diagram
  • Trigonometric Functions 1
  • Trigonometric Functions 2
  • Basic Trigonometric graphs
  • Reciprocal Identities
  • Quotient Identities
  • Square Identities

Geometry Charts (Set of 7 charts in green/black/white):

  • Congruency
  • Parallelograms
  • Quadrilaterals
  • The Theorem of Pythagoras
  • Perimeters and Areas
  • Angles with Special Relationships
  • Triangles

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