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Marshall Manual Compaction Assembly (UTAS-0670)

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Design and Testing of Bituminous Mixtures

StandardsASTM D6926, D5581; AASTHO T245 (only for UTAS-0071); BS-598

Product Codes:

UTAS-0670Manual Marshall Compaction Assembly, 4”, ASTM
UTAS-0671Marshall Compaction Hammer, 4” ASTM
UTAS-0672Wooden Compaction Pedestal, ASTM, for UTAS-0670
UTAS-0674Marshall Compaction Hammer BS
UTAS-0676Manual Marshall Compaction Assembly, 6”, ASTM
UTAS-0677Marshall Compaction Hammer, 6” ASTM, for UTAS-0676
UTAS-0678Wooden Compaction Pedestal, 6”, ASTM, for UTAS-0676
UTAS-0667Marshall Steel Block, Ø102 mm dia. and 50 mm height,
UTAS-0668Marshall Steel Block, Ø154mm dia. and 50 mm height,


  • The UTAS-0670 and UTAS-0676 Marshall Manual Assemblies are used to prepare Marshall specimens manually.
  • The Compaction Assemblies consist of a Marshall Compaction Hammer and a Wooden Compaction Pedestal.
  • The Pedestals are supplied complete with a steel plate, a mould holder and a hammer guide.
  • UTAS-0667 and UTAS-0668 Marshall Steel Blocks are used for initial heating of the foot of compaction hammer should be ordered separately.
 DimensionsWeight (approx.)
UTAS-0670350x400x1600 mm50 kg
UTAS-0671100x100x108 mm8 kg
UTAS-0672350 x400x1600 mm42 kg
UTAS-0674100x100x108 mm8 kg
UTAS-0676350x400x1600 mm57 kg
UTAS-0677100x100x108 mm14 kg
UTAS-0667110x110x60 mm3,5 kg
UTAS-0668160x160x60 mm7,5 kg

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