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MANUAL Cement Compression & Flexure Testing Machines (UTCM-3722.MLP)

Compression and Flexural Machines

StandardsEN 196-1, 459-2, 1015-11, 13454-2; ASTM C109, C348, C349; BS 4550-3.4

Product Code:

UTCM-3722.MLP250 kN Manual Cement Compression Testing Machine
UTCM-3742.MLP15/250 kN Manual Cement Flexure/Compression Testing Machine
UTCM-4116Lower and Upper (spherical seated) Loading Platen, Ø:165 mm
UTCM-4200AFlexure Jig Assembly to test 40x40x160 mm prisms, ASTM
UTCM-4200EFlexure Jig Assembly to test 40.1x40x160 mm prisms, EN
UTCM-4210ACompression Jig Assembly to test 50 mm (2”) cubes
UTCM-4210ECompression Jig Assembly to test portions of 40.1x40x160 mm prisms, EN
UTCM-4210BCompression Jig Assembly BS, to test 70,7 mm cubes
UTCM-3724Transparent Front-Rear Safety Doors for UTCM-3722
UTCM-3744Transparent Front-Rear Safety Doors for UTCM-3722


  • The UTCM-3722.MLP and UTCM-3742.MLP single and double testing chamber Manual compression and flexure testing machines are designed to perform reliable strength and flexure tests on mortar specimens.
  • The manual machines are especially suitable for on-site applications when electric power supply is not available.
  • Being a low-cost alternative, UTEST manual testing series combine precision and simplicity with the unique design of the manual power pack which enables even an inexperienced operator to perform excellent compression and flexure tests on-site.
  • These manual testing machines conform to the standards EN 196-1, 459-2, 1015-11, 13454-2; ASTM C 109, C348, C349 by using suitable accessories.
  • They also meet with the requirements of CE norms with respect to operator health and safety.
  • The UTEST Manuel cement compression and flexure testing machines consist of very rigid two column single or double chamber frame, manual power pack and data acquisition system LPI.
  • Compression and flexure jigs, distance pieces, and also removable transparent front-rear safety doors (should be factory installed) should be ordered separately.
Technical Specifications:
Test TypeCompressionFlexureCompression
Capacity250 kN15 kN250 kN
Class 1 Measuring Range2.5 to 250 kN0.5 to 15 kN2.5 to 250 kN
The roughness value for texture of loading and auxiliary platens≤3.2 μm≤3.2 μm≤3.2 μm
Lower Platen Dimensions165 mm165 mm165 mm
Upper Platen Dimensions165 mm165 mm165 mm
Maximum Vertical Clearance Between Platens 235 mm 235 mm 235 mm
Piston Diameter160 mm16 mm160 mm
Maximum Piston Movement with Limit Switch20 mm20 mm20 mm
Horizontal Clearance266 mm274 mm266 mm
Oil Capacity13 L13 L
Rapid Approach Rate50 mm/min80 mm/min50 mm/min
Dimensions (WxLxH)760x500x1650 mm980x500x1650 mm
Weight230 kg375 kg
  • The Maximum horizontal clearance for placing the sample is limited by the border of the platens.
  • Sample must be placed such that its ends will not overlap the ends of platens and it must be centred perfectly.
  • The minimum vertical clearance for the specimen can be adjusted using the distance pieces.

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