Magnesium Sulphate / Sodium Sulphate Test Water Bath (UTA-0840)

Magnesium Sulphate / Sodium Sulphate Test Water Bath (UTA-0840)

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Thermal and Weathering Properties

Code UTA-0840
Standards EN 1367-2, 13450; ASTM C88; UNI 8520-10; UNE 7136

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UTA-0840 Magnesium Sulphate / Sodium Sulphate Test Water Bath
UTW-1008 Density Basket, Ø120 x 160 mm deep, 3,35 mm mesh, EN/ASTM
UTGH-1460 Container for Density Basket, Ø160 x 200 mm deep, Aluminium, for UTW-1008, EN/ASTM
UTW-1017 Density Basket, Ø230 x 260 mm deep, 4 mm stainless steel mesh, EN
UTGH-1465 Container for Density Basket Ø270 x 300 mm deep, Aluminium, for UTW-1017, EN
UTGG-2415 Hydrometer 1100-1200 g/ml, ASTM
UTGG-2420 Hydrometer 1200-1300 g/ml, EN/ASTM
UTGC-0850 Sodium Sulphate, 1 kg, ASTM
UTGC-0915 Magnesium Sulphate, 1 kg, EN/ASTM
Models for 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph. UTA-0840
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph. UTA-0840-N
  • Magnesium Sulphate and Sodium Sulphate Tests are used for determining the soundness of aggregates when subjected to weathering action such as freezing and thawing in concrete or other applications.
  • Only the specific products are listed above for the test.
  • It should be noted that other equipment like ovens, sieves, balances etc. are also required to perform these tests.
  • Sodium Sulphate can be used instead of Magnesium Sulphate according to the ASTM standard.
  • UTGG-2415 Hydrometer 1100-1200 g/ml is required for the test with Sodium Sulphate Test.
  • The temperature of test solution is automatically adjusted to required temperature with a microprocessor type sensor placed in the water bath.
  • The second sensor can be placed in the lever lid containers or stainless-steel immersion container by user.
  • The temperature data of water bath and the temperature test solution are displayed in real time on digital screen with 0.1°C resolution.
  • Homogenous temperature distribution can be obtained with water circulation pump that makes feedback.
  • Magnesium Sulphate / Sodium Sulphate Test Water Bath has (20±2) 0C accuracy and can be used as general-purpose water bath that temperature is between 15-60 °C temperature
  • Supplied complete with the immersion container with the cover.
  • Density Baskets, Container for Density Basket, Hydrometer, Magnesium or Sodium Sulphate should be ordered separately.



UTA-0840 650x550x1080 mm 60 kg
Chamber of Bath 560x460x500 mm
UTW-1008 120x120x160 mm 1 kg
UTGH-1460 Ø160×235 mm 0,25 kg
UTW-1017 Ø230x 260 mm 1 kg
UTGH-1465 Ø270×300 mm 0,25 kg
UTGG-2415 30x30x300 mm 0,1 kg
UTGG-2420 30x30x300 mm 0,1 kg
Immersion Container 330x330x330 mm 4 kg

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