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With a 0-100 kN precision electronic gauge with storage for 512 test readings

Code LCN810
British Standard BS1881-207
Other Standards ASTM C900-99, ENISO 8046
Tariff 902480 90
Inserts as shown in final 3 images must be purchased separately

The LOK-TEST accurately measures the compressive strength in-place of newly cast structures for:

  • Evaluating the timing of safe and early loading operations of maturing elements or structures
  • Evaluating the quality of the critical cover layer protecting the reinforcement in the finished structure
  • Complies with ASTM C 900-99, BS 1881: Part 207, CEN/104/SCI/TG8: 187, per EN-ISO 8046

Principle of Operation:

  • A 25mm diameter steel disc, positioned 25mm from the surface is pulled centrally against a 55mm inner diameter counter pressure on the surface.
  • The concrete in the strut between the disc and the counter pressure is being compressed; hence the pull force “F” is a direct measure of the compressive strength.
  • Loading is performed either to a required force, in which case the test is non-destructive, or to the peak-load, only generating a slightly raised 55mm circumferential crack on the surface.
  • The disc has to be cast into the concrete beforehand. A number of LOK-TEST inserts are available for this purpose, either attached to the form-work or for floating in the top faces of castings.
  • The variation of the LOK-TEST is in the range of ± 8% on normal concrete.Lok-Test Pull Machine LCN810
  • The hydraulic pull machine has a 0-100 kN precision electronic gauge installed with memory for storage of test results (peak-value, time and date of testing).
  • The peak-value is shown after a test has been terminated.
  • The internal accuracy of the gauge is 0.01 kN.
  • The display is showing the pull force in 0.1 kN digital increments.
  • The pull machine needs to be re-calibrated once a year, or before, if serviced or damaged.

The Pull Machine kit consists of:

  • Standard pullmachine, Electronic Gauge, 0-100 kN: 0-16,600 PSI, 0.2% accuracy, can store 512 test readings for downloading to a Windows-based PC
  • Amigas II software CD-ROM for data transfer
  • Connecting cable between LOK-TEST and computer
  • Calibration table in MPa or PSI
  • Accessories and tools
  • Manual
  • Carrying case

LOK-TEST Inserts

  • The inserts below are for the 0-50kN strength class.


  • Control Inserts for nailing to wooden form-work. The form-work has to be removed before testing.


  • Early Stripping Inserts with L-44 Steel Plate for attachment to a removable plug through a porthole, for use when testing has to be performed before the form-work is removed.LCN817
  • Floating Inserts for floating in top surfaces of castings

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