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Load Cells & Load Rings (UTGM-1140)

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UTGM-1140Load Cell 300 N Capacity, S Type
UTGM-1160Load Cell 1 kN Capacity, S Type
UTGM-1170Load Cell 2 kN Capacity, S Type
UTGM-1180Load Cell 5 kN Capacity, S Type
UTGM-1190Load Cell 10 kN Capacity, Pancake Type
UTGM-1200Load Cell 20 kN Capacity, Pancake Type
UTGM-1210Load Cell 50 kN Capacity, Pancake Type
UTGM-1230Load Cell 100 kN Capacity, Pancake Type
UTGM-1240Load Cell 300 kN Capacity, Pancake Type
UTGM-1260Load Cell 600 kN Capacity, Pancake Type
UTGM-1280Load Cell 1000 kN Capacity, Pancake Type
UTGM-1310Load Ring 1 kN Capacity
UTGM-1330Load Ring 5 kN Capacity
UTGM-1340Load Ring 10 kN Capacity
UTGM-1350Load Ring 50 kN Capacity
UTGM-1420Pressure Transducer, 2000 kPa
UTGM-1440Pressure Transducer, 600 bar, 0-100 mV


  • A load cell is a transducer which is used to convert the applied force to electric signal.
  • UTEST supplies high quality strain gauge load cells which provide accurate electrical signal proportional to the applied load.
  • Load cells with different types and capacities and load ring with different capacity are available.
  • Load Rings are used with testing machines to measure the applied load.
  • UTEST Load Rings are supplied complete with 0.001mm resolution digital dial gauges.

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