Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

Liquid Chemicals (CHEMl1)



  • Most of the items are available in the following pack sizes: 100ml, 500ml and 2500ml
•      Acetic acid•      Acetone
•      Ammonium Hydroxide•      Ammonia Solution
•      Benedicts Solution•      Biuret Solution A
•      Biuret Solution B•      Bromine Water
•      Bromothymol Blue Solution•      Chlorine Water
•      Chloroform•      Distilled Water
•      Diethyl Ether•      Eosin Solution
•      Ethanol•      Ethyl Acetate
•      FAA Solution•      Fehlings Solution A
•      Fehlings Solution B•      Fixative Solution
•      Formalin•      Glycerine
•      Howard Ringer Solution•      Hydrochloric Acid
•      Hydrogen Peroxide•      Iodine Pure Solution
•      Lime Water•      Methanol
•      Methylated Spirits•      Nitric Acid
•      Olive oil•      Paraffin Liquid
•      Phenolphthalein Solution•      Schultz Solution
•      Silver nitrate solution•      Sodium Hydroxide Solution
•      Sulphuric Acid•      Universal Indicator Solution
•      Xylene

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.


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